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5 Reasons Why IT Professionals Should Attend Conferences

There are a myriad of conferences all over the world, designed for countless fields of work. At Premier, we focus on conferences for IT professionals, and specifically CIOs. These conferences are held in various cities across the country, and provide great information to business professionals. However, attending conference can be an investment of time, money, and people, and may not seem worth it all of the time. In today’s blog, we will be taking a look at 5 reasons why IT professionals should attend conferences, so that your next conference experience is valuable and worthwhile.

Reason 1: To Gain a Fresh Perspective

It is easy to get stuck in a bubble at your company and end up doing the same old things you’ve always done. Attending a conference of fellow CIOs or IT Directors exposes you to dozens or hundreds of other unique perspectives. At an IT conference, there are plenty of other professionals just like you, who may be able to impart some unexpected wisdom upon you, but there are also several speakers who are there expressly to give you advice on the latest trends in security, cloud, and IT leadership. These are people who have been hand-picked to speak because of their expertise in the IT fields and their ability to figure out what the new best practices are.

Reason 2: To Forge New Business Relationships

Conferences can have hundreds of people attending, from a variety of local and national businesses. Many conferences put an emphasis on networking with other IT professionals, meaning you have plenty of time to talk business, exchange contact information, and potentially start new partnerships. In addition to the fellow attendees you will run into, events generally have a variety of sponsors and vendors that you can build new relationships with. The options are limitless and you will most definitely leave any conference with more business opportunities than when you arrived!

Reason 3: To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

For most people, a normal level of interaction goes as far as conversing with co-workers and with business contacts. Attending a conference forces you to talk to people that you have never interacted with before, during the downtimes between speakers and when attending networking events, you have the opportunity to speak with people you have never met before, from companies you may have never even heard of. As mentioned above, gaining new perspectives and having the opportunity to make new business relationships are invaluable, and you may never be able to take advantage of these situations if you don’t put yourself out there at a conference.

Reason 4: To Get the Right Information

We tend to think that every piece of information is available to us on the internet, and is only a quick web search away. While that is true, you have to at least know that something exists in order to think of looking for it. Attending a conference with speaking sessions puts relevant and potentially new information right in front of your face. You don’t have to go digging through the internet to find it, you just have to sit back in your chair and listen to an expert talk. The conference speaker helps cut through the clutter and deliver the most refined version of the information you did not even know you needed. Don’t forget to take notes!

Reason 5: To Have Fun

Fun? At a work conference? It is most definitely possible! Being surrounded by like-minded people who are passionate about the same things you are can be fun in and of itself, especially when being energized by motivated speakers. Some conferences have contests, sweepstakes, games, photo booths, and more mini-events designed to keep everyone entertained even when they’re not listening to a speaker. Conferences should be fun learning experiences, not just a day of sitting at lectures.

Attending a CIO conference is a fantastic way to spend a day or two. It’s not taking a break from “real work”, because you are actively learning, engaging, and gaining value to bring back to your company. We are excited to see you at our future Premier CIO conferences. Be sure to look at our event calendar to see if there is an upcoming event near you!

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