A New Year, A New Commitment

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, the company that was spawned out of technology giant Hewlett-Packard’s corporate restructuring in 2015, has already established itself as the gold standard of the IT industry. That’s why it is such a tremendous honor for Premier Connects to appear on one of HPE’s coveted ‘best of’ lists, in this case, “Top 14 Conferences for CIOs in 2019.” We at Premier Connects really feel we’ve arrived, as its a hard-fought privilege to garner the recognition from a proven thought leader like HPE, and to be among so many respected contemporaries.

Premier Connects continues our well-earned reputation into the new year, with more top-notch speakers and exciting events. For 18 years, Premier Connects, formerly Premier Event Management, has engineered industry focused CIO events, and over that time has expanded to 16 cities nationally. We procure the cream of the crop in each city’s event to bring the region’s top IT minds to act as advisers. The advisers speak and lead on topics affecting the IT industry as a whole, while also maintaining focus on the region’s particular trends and needs. Additionally, Premier events can act as a great starting point for companies, as there is no admission fee to Director level executives and higher!

2019 brings a whole new face to Premier Connects, and we’re here to disrupt the standard presentation of CIO conferences by creating a more engaging, dynamic and hands-on experience while learning and networking. With our updated name, also comes new leadership, who adamantly bring with them a revived sense of commitment, not to mention a larger scale than ever before. Through collaborations with such industry luminaries as Google, Oracle and Lenovo, and speakers ranging from CIOs of Aetna to Comcast, there is no shortage of things to be excited about all through 2019. Additionally, we’ve revamped our focus on the physical enjoyment of the conferences themselves. We’ve stepped up our standard of event spaces, and will be holding them in higher class venues (Ritz-Carlton anyone?), not to mention our innovative execution of the conferences with our “no-booth” approach, allowing for a more fluid, dynamic experience where you will never be faced with an uncomfortable sales pitch.

The event infrastructure is not the only cutting edge aspect of the new Premier Connects; our recently unveiled app will completely streamline the sometimes confusing and overwhelming corporate conference experience. No more long lines waiting to check in, receive itineraries, etc. The entire checking in process is handled digitally, allowing for more time to network and explore. And speaking of networking, the app allows for an instant exchange of contact information through a simple touch and messaging feature. Viewing the schedule and customizing your own itinerary is all handled in the app as well, allowing for the most possible time to fully seize this opportunity.

2019 is already off to a great start for Premier Connects. We know this is going to be our best and most revolutionary year yet, and we can’t wait to see you at one of our exciting events across the country!