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Looking Ahead – Premier and SIM in 2019

There are many questions that are open-ended since our recent split with the Raleigh SIM Chapter.

After partnering with the RTP (Research Triangle Park) SIM Chapter for 16 years and making it a part of Premier Connects’ mission to build awareness of SIM, the two organizations have amicably agreed to pursue separate futures.

Here are some myths and facts that will hopefully ease your mind and instill trust in the network and community that we have built – and continue to build – with IT leaders.

Premier Connects and the RTP SIM Chapter had a bad break up.

False. Premier and the RTP SIM Chapter are proud of the work they’ve done together, and both look forward to serving CIOs at the same high level of quality as ever.

RTP is hosting their own event in spring of 2019.

True. They are partnering with a new event management company and Premier will not be involved.

With the RTP SIM Chapter not partnering with the event, this will hurt overall attendance.

False. In fact, the quality overall has a raised bar as the criteria will not allow consultants, or non-IT leaders that some SIM chapters allow in their membership. The attendees who are signed up all have an IT Budget that benefits YOU.

If a CIO is a SIM member, that means they are not allowed to attend.

False. All CIOs who meet the criteria are allowed to attend regardless if they are with SIM or any other association for that matter.

The Advisory Council broke up knowing that many of the CIOs are a part of SIM.

False. There were a few CIOs who chose to be removed from the AC; however, most of the AC members are more engaged than ever before.

The partners won’t be included as much as in the past now with the model changing?

False. In fact, the opposite is happening… we are encouraging our partners to be more engaged than ever before by inviting their own prospects and customers within the area, attend all sessions, as well as provide white papers, links, books and any other promotional items within their partnership that we can share with our attendees prior to the event.


Overall, we are raising the bar all around and truly engaged with our partnerships with YOU, our Advisory Council members, speakers and attendees. Premier continues to hold strong partnerships with the Boston, Atlanta and New Jersey area SIM chapters. You can visit their website at

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any questions or concerns!


Nina Di Francisco
Premier Connects

Premier Connects Spring 2017 Recap

This spring has seen Premier go through a lot of changes and evolution. We are so excited by everything that has happened and everything that is to come. We will always be committed to providing high-quality forums though great attendees, sponsors, speakers, and topics. We adapt, we listen, and we strive to always not only be in the business of events, but in the business of connecting people with great ideas. With that being said, here is what we’ve been up to for the last several months.

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March has left us behind, and with it so has the Boston CIO Forum! Held on March 21 at the Westin Waltham Boston, this first forum has inspired us to keep on pushing to make great events. If the first event of the season sets the tone for the other upcoming events, then we can be satisfied. The Boston CIO Forum was an incredible success, not only from our perspective but also from the perspective of everyone involved.

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Premier Event Management Makes the Shift to Premier Connects

Premier Event Management, based out of Portland, OR, is known for putting on the Premier CIO Forum in over 15 cities around the country every year. As such, all of Premier’s branding has been under the moniker of “Premier CIO”. Recently, Premier has adopted a number of other events other than the CIO Forum, and as such the company feels that a new brand and name is in order. From now on, Premier Connects will take the place of Premier CIO as the main name and branding on Premier Event Management.

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Electronic Crimes Task Forces (ECTF) to Speak at Premier CIO Forum

The Electronic Crimes Task Forces will be speaking at the Premier CIO Forums throughout the 2017 season of conferences. The ECTF is a network of tasks forces created by the US Secret Service in 1995 to fight cyber threats and internet fraud. With 39 total tasks forces, we are able to have different speakers in each of our cities, keeping the information and delivery diverse. We are looking forward to the ECTF speakers this year, and we hope you are too! Register for the CIO Forums here.

Premier Values Their Partnerships – A History of Giving Back

At the conclusion of every Forum, the SIM Chapter President is gratefully handed a check written by Premier Event Management. Since the first partnership in Philadelphia in 2002 Premier has believed in SIM’s mission to bring together IT leaders to share, network and give back to their communities. Programs like APC (Advanced Practices Council), RLF (Regional Leadership Forum), SIG (Special Interests Group) and STEM are what mold IT leaders to be the best version of themselves and allow others to follow in their footsteps. Just this year Premier has donated $78,250 to various SIM chapters across the globe. To learn more about Premier and our partners, visit the PremierCIO website.

Premier CIO Forum – Kick Off Events

Every year Premier tries new ways to incorporate change, make connections, and liven things up.  At our Portland CIO Forum this past October we did just that!  We worked with our partner, the Portland SIM Chapter, to incorporate a Kick-Off event the night prior to the CIO Forum to encompass their monthly SIM Chapter meeting as a way to foster new relationships between the attending CIO Forum attendees and the SIM Chapter Members.  This turned out to be quite a hit, and created such a great buzz for the forum that we are going to try Kick-Off events at our other CIO Forums in 2017!