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Top 5 IT and Technology Myths in Entertainment

Television and movies always seem to paint tech in the same way. The tech nerd sits in his or her dark office, explaining the problem at hand rapidly, and then someone else says “in English please!”, regardless of how easy or difficult it is to understand the explanation. The “hacker” presses a few ¬†buttons on their keyboard, the computer beeps a little bit, and then… “I’m in.”

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Boston CIO Forum 2017 Recap

March has left us behind, and with it so has the Boston CIO Forum! Held on March 21 at the Westin Waltham Boston, this first forum has inspired us to keep on pushing to make great events. If the first event of the season sets the tone for the other upcoming events, then we can be satisfied. The Boston CIO Forum was an incredible success, not only from our perspective but also from the perspective of everyone involved.

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CIO security lessons: Dark thinking on IoT & exploding enterprise networks

The recent IoT DDoS attacks have proven the fragility of some key systems that power the Internet. In this case, users’ ability to get to websites was cut off because the address of the website (such as could not be resolved to its internet address ( As an analogy, planes cannot takeoff or land without runways. The “DNS” servers that translate into are those runways for our website requests. In this article, Bryce discusses the attack in term for non-technical business executives.

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Hot Topics CIOs Want to Hear About in 2016

In order to successfully run events, you need to know what your audience wants to hear and see. At Premier Event Management, we value the input of our attendees. After all, they are the lifeblood of our CIO forums. If our audience is not satisfied, then our events will not provide value. So far, however, our forums are alive and well! This is because we strive to know exactly what CIOs and other attendees are interested in within the current IT atmosphere. We administer pre-conference and post-conference surveys, as well as consult our executive advisory board, in order to find out what went well and what needs improvement, as well as what CIOs would like to hear about at the conferences. From our surveys, we have noticed some prevalent trends in IT interests this year, and none of them are particularly surprising given the current IT environment. We have found that these topics vary in popularity depending on the city, but they are always somewhere in the top three.

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