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Creating a Community Hub for IT Leaders

Since 2001, Premier Connects (originally Premier Event Management) has aimed to be a trusted source for CIOs and IT leaders. For 16 years, we have put on the Premier CIO Forum in cities around the country, tapping into the technology needs and trends of the region. We have tailored each event to these regional needs, as opposed to copying and pasting the same thing across the nation.

We do this, and more, because we want to be a place where IT leaders can come together to share insights, news, and opportunities. And we want to be this place both online and offline. Our conferences only come to your city once a year, but we want to keep the conversation going. That’s why over the last year, we have been developing ways for our valued attendees to connect and share together and with Premier. We have established social media channels, as well as a number of private groups. For the future, we want to go to the next level and integrate accounts and private message boards into our website. The end goal is really to be more than just an events company. It’s to be a centralized meeting place of professionals and a powerful source of curated and original informative content.

That being said, none of these efforts mean anything if we are yelling into a void with no audience. The simple request that we ask of you is to engage with at least one of our social networks or LinkedIn groups. Leave a comment, start a discussion. And in return, we offer you the insights and expertise of your peers, and maybe even an important connection that you never knew existed! We truly wish the embrace the name Premier Connects, and make foster connections not only between us and our attendees and sponsors, but with individuals in those parties. Links to all of these social profiles and groups will be below. Let us know if you join any, and thank you for continuing to be a valued member of the Premier family!

Social Media Profiles

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LinkedIn Groups (Vendor companies not allowed)

Current CIO Forum Cities:  Cleveland Raleigh Philadelphia Atlanta Boston Portland Hartford Minnesota Florida Charlotte Pittsburgh Ohio Greater New York / New Jersey

Other Cities: Louisville Central USSeattle Houston Dallas Southern CaliforniaChicago / MilwaukeeSan Francisco / Bay AreaTennessee Arizona DC / Virginia / MarylandColorado Canada

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