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Hot Topics CIOs Want to Hear About in 2016

In order to successfully run events, you need to know what your audience wants to hear and see. At Premier Event Management, we value the input of our attendees. After all, they are the lifeblood of our CIO forums. If our audience is not satisfied, then our events will not provide value. So far, however, our forums are alive and well! This is because we strive to know exactly what CIOs and other attendees are interested in within the current IT atmosphere. We administer pre-conference and post-conference surveys, as well as consult our executive advisory board, in order to find out what went well and what needs improvement, as well as what CIOs would like to hear about at the conferences. From our surveys, we have noticed some prevalent trends in IT interests this year, and none of them are particularly surprising given the current IT environment. We have found that these topics vary in popularity depending on the city, but they are always somewhere in the top three.

Security / Cybersecurity

For every event from the past few months, security showed itself as the number one most important topic to CIOs. In some cities, it took second place, but overall, our attendees wanted to hear more about this hot topic. In an age when businesses are becoming more and more tech-dependent, and the role of the CIO is also the role of digital protector of company data, knowing the latest security methods and potential places of weakness is infinitely valuable. When it comes to keeping employee and customer data safe, no CIO can learn too much about this topic.


The cloud is at about the same level as security when it comes to what our attendees want to hear about. Cloud is something that is still in its youth, but is widely used. People are still trying to find out how best to use it in their business, and if there are any security issues that need to be worked out before implementation. Many people are still rightfully apprehensive about the cloud, but everyone is excited to learn about all of the potential applications of the cloud. Our attendees have spoken and they want to see what the cloud has to offer them, whether it is in terms of storage, cloud apps, or some other usage.

Big Data

Big data is by far the third most requested topic from our executive advisory council and our attendee surveys. This has been a major buzz word for the last several years, but the science of big data boils down to analyzing massive data sends for trends and patterns, specifically concerning human behavior. Unsurprisingly, this is great for any business! For any business to have detailed information on the behavior of their customers is invaluable, and business leaders are trying their hardest to learn the best way to collect and analyze the right data. It is not an easy task, so CIOs are always wanting to hear what other experts in the field have to say about big data applications.

At Premier Event Management, we always strive to bring in speakers who can provide valuable insight and information on a topic that people want to hear about. We want to be on the cutting edge and provide as much as we can to those who attend the conferences. Make sure to browse our conference calendar to see if we have one coming up near you!

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