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Looking Ahead – Premier and SIM in 2019

There are many questions that are open-ended since our recent split with the Raleigh SIM Chapter.

After partnering with the RTP (Research Triangle Park) SIM Chapter for 16 years and making it a part of Premier Connects’ mission to build awareness of SIM, the two organizations have amicably agreed to pursue separate futures.

Here are some myths and facts that will hopefully ease your mind and instill trust in the network and community that we have built – and continue to build – with IT leaders.

Premier Connects and the RTP SIM Chapter had a bad break up.

False. Premier and the RTP SIM Chapter are proud of the work they’ve done together, and both look forward to serving CIOs at the same high level of quality as ever.

RTP is hosting their own event in spring of 2019.

True. They are partnering with a new event management company and Premier will not be involved.

With the RTP SIM Chapter not partnering with the event, this will hurt overall attendance.

False. In fact, the quality overall has a raised bar as the criteria will not allow consultants, or non-IT leaders that some SIM chapters allow in their membership. The attendees who are signed up all have an IT Budget that benefits YOU.

If a CIO is a SIM member, that means they are not allowed to attend.

False. All CIOs who meet the criteria are allowed to attend regardless if they are with SIM or any other association for that matter.

The Advisory Council broke up knowing that many of the CIOs are a part of SIM.

False. There were a few CIOs who chose to be removed from the AC; however, most of the AC members are more engaged than ever before.

The partners won’t be included as much as in the past now with the model changing?

False. In fact, the opposite is happening… we are encouraging our partners to be more engaged than ever before by inviting their own prospects and customers within the area, attend all sessions, as well as provide white papers, links, books and any other promotional items within their partnership that we can share with our attendees prior to the event.


Overall, we are raising the bar all around and truly engaged with our partnerships with YOU, our Advisory Council members, speakers and attendees. Premier continues to hold strong partnerships with the Boston, Atlanta and New Jersey area SIM chapters. You can visit their website at

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any questions or concerns!


Nina Di Francisco
Premier Connects

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