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Premier Connects Spring 2017 Recap

This spring has seen Premier go through a lot of changes and evolution. We are so excited by everything that has happened and everything that is to come. We will always be committed to providing high-quality forums though great attendees, sponsors, speakers, and topics. We adapt, we listen, and we strive to always not only be in the business of events, but in the business of connecting people with great ideas. With that being said, here is what we’ve been up to for the last several months.

Premier Event Management Became Premier Connects

In case you missed our name change news release or marketing materials, we’re telling you now. Premier Event Management, despite being our name for 16 years, is now a thing of the past. Moving into the future we are known as Premier Connects, Inc., and are devoted to that idea of connecting people through great events. We felt that we were shoehorning ourselves too much into just “event management”, as we have always felt that our true value came from the relationships we have with our business partners, and the ones we create.

Premier’s Leadership Has Changed

If you have been following Premier for a long time, you are familiar with the one and only Marc Di Francisco, the  company’s founder and president. He has stepped aside as president, allowing Nina Di Francisco, who held the role in all but name for the last couple years, to rise to the occasion. A board of directors has also been established, of which Marc will now be the chairman. We wrote a press release with all of the details, yesterday.

Best In Show

This season, we decided to recognize sponsors that truly deserve the recognition. For our last three events of the season, we decided to host a Best In Show vote in which we let attendees vote for their favorite vendor. Domo, Capriza, and Box in Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Cleveland respectively won the prize. We were excited to see that this was not just a popularity contest, as Domo and Capriza were exhibiting for the first time in their cities. We are happy to see they had a positive experience and that our attendees liked what those vendors had to offer!

CIO Forums: Better Than Ever!

This was a great season for conferences, from everyone’s perspective. We have never received so many great comments about the CIO Forums. Several attendees of 10 years came up to us during the event to say it was the best of our forums they had been to. With so many new hires, changes in management, and a deep-seeded desire to deliver the best events we can, we really wanted 2017 to be a great year for CIO Forums, and it seems that so far we have succeeded! We will strive to bring this same energy to the fall 2017 season. If you’re interested in attending one of these upcoming events, take a look at our 2017 lineup.

We also started doing SIM kick-off dinner events the night before some of the CIO Forums, and these seemed to be well received. We had a great time at these dinners, and we hope all of the attendees of them did as well!


As usual, you can follow all of the goings-on at Premier Connects here on our blog, by subscribing to our newsletter, or by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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