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Premier Event Management Makes the Shift to Premier Connects

Premier Event Management, based out of Portland, OR, is known for putting on the Premier CIO Forum in over 15 cities around the country every year. As such, all of Premier’s branding has been under the moniker of “Premier CIO”. Recently, Premier has adopted a number of other events other than the CIO Forum, and as such the company feels that a new brand and name is in order. From now on, Premier Connects will take the place of Premier CIO as the main name and branding on Premier Event Management.

In addition to the Premier CIO Forum, a gathering of regional IT leaders, Premier Connects also manages three other events at present: Emergency Preparedness Leadership Forum (EPLF), Midwest Technology Leaders (MTL), and EdgeHR. EPLF aims to engage business, government, and faith leaders to prepare, respond, and recover from any disaster. MTL is an exclusive gathering of the Midwest region’s top information executives, which supports the advancement of IT in the region. EdgeHR aims to provide an alternative and holistic approach to human resources, and provide new knowledge to those in HR.

As always, the CIO Forums will be the primary focus of Premier Connects. Premier Event Management have been running these forums for over 15 years and comes to over 15 cities around the US, including many locations on the east coast and the southeast, as well as in the Premier headquarters city of Portland, Oregon. However, Premier is excited to offer other services such as organizing corporate dinners, publishing white papers and case studies, webinars, and more.

Look forward to the future of Premier Event Management, as the company moves to Premier Connects, and offers a wide variety of services at a quality that Premier’s loyal customers have come to recognize and expect. is our new hub for all of our events. Please join us there!

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