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Premier Event Management: Why We Do What We Do


In today’s marketplace, connections are everything. How your company looks to the outside world sets the tone for all of your interactions – with customers, partners, media and other key stakeholders.

Premier Event Management is dedicated to providing CIOs and their departments with cutting-edge and up-to-date knowledge in the world of IT. Whether your interest is in security, cloud, leadership, big data, or innovation, we make it a mission to build a valuable environment for you.

At Premier, we want to connect attendees and sponsors in a way that mutually benefits all parties involved. No matter what position – practitioner, speaker, or sponsor – all participants will leave the forum with key takeaways and insight as well as profitable connections with companies whose products and services fit their needs and address their IT concerns. We are committed to fostering and nurturing relationships, because knowing the right people is essential in today’s business environment. When you are connected with the right person, new doors open!

We’re passionate about sharing IT knowledge, because we know that you are too. Your services align with what we are interested in, and what our attendees are interested in. As such, we are passionate about the challenges that companies are facing. We strive to stay up to date on the hottest issues through independent research and the feedback from our advisory council of business experts. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to align speakers, attendees, and sponsors with each other and form a cohesive conference that hits all of the biggest interests of everyone in attendance. We want to provide the most valuable experience possible, because we know that everyone’s time is priceless. We are honored by each company that attends, and want to repay those CIOs with new connections in exchange for their time and attention.

We want to embrace the premier in Premier Event Management. Your success is our success, and maintaining a positive relationship with each member of our network far beyond any event is essential to how we see our role in the IT community. We understand that the event is just the beginning, and after the conference is where the connections you make come to fruition. We do this to build profitable connections and to enhance the business environment as well as because this is what we are passionate about. We know that sharing IT knowledge isn’t just about IT – it’s about the people who benefit from it.

Our company provides knowledge-driven executive IT conferences because the roles and environment of the industry is constantly evolving – and staying ahead shouldn’t be a hassle.

1. Advanced Tools: We use cutting-edge software and apps for monitoring the industry trends that matter to you
2. Industry Knowledge: We have representatives and contacts at major trade associations and relationships with industry leaders, which allows us to keep up-to-date on constantly changing needs.
3. Cost Benefit: Our clients find that the investment in their attendance is far more cost-efficient than other similar events.
4. Integrated Approach: We take cross-channel integrations into account for each client and develop programs that work in sync.

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