You Can Open Your Eyes Now...Premier's Makeover Unveiled

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


I’d like to personally welcome you our new site.  It is now easier for you to connect – with our team and our events.  This website launch is just the start of the exciting plans Premier has in store as we continue to evolve and elevate our experiences.

2019 has been a growth and evolution year for Premier.  Not just a new logo but a new energy, a new spirit that you undoubtedly felt if you attended one of our events.  Have you ever watched a tv show where an unwilling stranger is approached on the street in desperate need of a makeover?  This is the part in the story where the new and improved version is unveiled to friends and family.  What follows post-makeover is when the individual begins to settle into their new look, making it their own and really owning it.  Sort of like ‘let’s check in with our makeover candidate a few months later’ followed by a glimpse into how the individual has ‘shown up’ in their professional and personal lives differently with a new sense of vigor and confidence. 

Keep checking in with us – share your ideas - connect with our team.  We treat our community of executives as family, with that, a seat at our ‘table.’ 

We would be remised if we did not give a special and sincere ‘thank you’ to the digital and design gurus of Blue Tomato Design.  From our very first conversation, Kim Collins (founder of Blue Tomato) 'got it' and brought the vision to life.  

Look around, make yourself at home and thanks for dropping by.

Alyssa Smith

President, Premier Connects