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Why Do We Call Events “Forums”?

Why does Premier Connects refer to its conferences as “forums”? It’s not just because the word sounds nice. It was picked for a great reason and we feel that the title is more than appropriate.

Forums are an extremely old concept, dating back to ancient Rome. The Roman forums were, at their core, an open marketplace. In addition to being a marketplace they were also central locations for political discussions and personal meetings. At the Premier CIO Forums, we offer a safe place for CIOs and IT professionals to discuss the latest IT trends and technologies, as well as talk about the issues that they face in their jobs. Speakers facilitate open discussion and panels of experts spark friendly debate. In terms of being like a marketplace, the Premier CIO Forums actually copies the Roman method to a tee. In Roman forums, an area called a stoa was used for open market stalls. Our vendor booth floor is much the same as these stoas, offering a selection of booths for attendees to peruse.

Now just imagine this with vendor stalls everywhere!

Much in the same way that the Premier CIO Forum can be attended in a variety of cities around the country, Roman forums could be found all across the Roman Empire, including locations in Greece and Spain. We adopted this country-wide format to serve the greatest need. Forums popped up in places where people needed a location to trade and have discussion, and the Premier CIO Forums have done the same. We are always looking for new cities to start an event in, based on what the need is from local companies as well as what other “forums” are already present. We always try to target large and medium sized cities – after all, the most famous forums were in major cities like Rome.

At Premier Connects, we focus on discussion, face-to-face networking, and making profitable connections for you.

For more information on what a forum is and how we run our forums, take a look at our infographic below!

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