Carlos Valdes-Dapena

Carlos Valdes-Dapena


Lessons from Mars: Insights on What it Really Takes to Motivate Collaboration @ 2:45 PM

Carlos Valdes-Dapena is the author of Lessons from Mars: How One Global Company Cracked the Code on High Performance Collaboration and Teamwork.

Carlos developed his expertise in collaboration at the highest organizational levels. For 17 years he was an internal consultant at Mars, Inc., and was directly involved with brands like M&M’s, Snickers, Uncle Ben’s Rice and Wrigley’s Gum. There he won the company’s prestigious Global Make the Difference Award for his work on the Mars Framework for High Performance Collaboration.

Before Mars, Carlos spent three years at IBM as an executive coach and consultant to the top 35 global leaders including CEO Lou Gerstner and his direct reports. His career started in 1993 with DDI, a global talent development consulting firm. His clients included AT&T, Pfizer, General Motors and Lockheed Martin among others.

Currently, he is Managing Principal and founder of Corporate Collaboration Resources, LLC, an organization and group effectiveness consulting firm. He has presented at numerous executive conferences including the North American Organization Development Network, The Conference Board and the Organization Design Forum.

Carlos’s talk challenges conventional approaches to corporate team building, something organizations spend tens of millions of dollars every year with little measurable impact. He discusses the insights he developed while working with Mars and offers a different way for organizations and groups to think about - and do something about – developing more effective teams and teamwork. Specifically, Carlos identified the critical link between two seemingly contradictory theories – what motivates high achieving individuals and what makes groups work effectively. His thinking and approach provide a straight-forward and practical way to unlock higher team performance.