Brian Barnes

Brian Barnes

Coretek Services

Arhaus’ Virtual Desktop Journey to the Cloud @ 1:50 PM

Brian Barnes is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Coretek Services, an industry-leading and nationally recognized IT Consulting firm.  Coretek’s goal is to facilitate large enterprise clients and prospective customers, to achieve and sustain predictable and effective IT results.   Our mission: Project Success, No Exceptions!  

The Solutions Architecture team is responsible for working with customers, vendors and account teams to design an accurate and flexible solution-based approach to our customer’s unique business and technical requirements. This made possible by utilizing the complete portfolio of Coretek’s Cloud, Product & Service offerings.  The Coretek Solutions Architecture team has engineered hundreds of the largest and most complex enterprise solutions deployed across the globe.

Prior to his current role, Brian was the Vice President of Enterprise Technology managing the Server, SAN and Workstation service lines in the large Financial Services and Banking industry, as well as serving as Sr Architect in multiple consulting organizations.  Experience in Cloud, Infrastructure & Virtualization gained during his 25 years of Information Technology involvement enabled Brian to apply that knowledge to customers’ needs and project requirements.

Brian continues to speak and present new and emerging technologies internationally, as well as regional events and related conferences across the country.  Mr. Barnes continues to investigate and test new technologies that complement Coretek’s unique solutions & Cloud based approaches in solving complex business challenges of today, and tomorrow.