Best one-day Atlanta conference I have attended in the last 5 years. Focused on the soft-skills (questioning & active listening) that are so critical to success for a CIO. I really got a lot out of the day and left with things I can put into place right now.

Lee Crump, Group VP & CIO - Rollins

By far the best and most informative event I have attended. Well organized, awesome venue. Can't wait for next year!!

Shalicia Evans, Director, IT Technical Training - Systems Atlanta, Inc.

A very useful and informative event. Time well spent!

Andy Green, VP Global Infrastructure - PRGX


CIO Forum

Check-In & Peer-to-Peer Networking Breakfast

Welcome & Introductions

Opening Keynote Humanizing the C-Suite

At the Forum, people are at the center of all business. With constant digital bombardment and disruption its becoming even more complex to truly connect and communicate effectively especially in sales and at events.

Have you ever wondered how you could become more relatable? Christine Miles, with Executive Leaders Radio and Premier Connects is breaking out from the traditional conference event model to ensure quality networking by bringing a select few CIOs into the limelight to discover the secret of how to make connections that change conversations and drive business success.

Through a unique story gathering process Christine discovers who executives really are and what drove their success. It helps people understand that executives are real, human, relatable, role models and people.”

Break - Networking Pavilion

General Session High Performance Leadership, creating success in life & business

  • Presenter
    Jason Drees, CEO, Head of Coaching, Excel Coaching Team
In business, success is usually measured in financial or corporate status. And in our quest to expand we often end up putting personal success in life in the back seat on our way to higher business success. The most overlooked & misunderstood secret is this => the greater success in your personal life, the greater success in your professional life. In this interactive workshop, Master Coach Jason Drees will share tools & exercises to transform your leadership impact by guiding you into a higher level of personal alignment with success in your personal & professional life.

Transition - Speaker Change

General Session CIO & CDO – Are the Roles Converging?

  • Presenter
    Omer Awan, SVP, CIO & CDO, Navicent Health
The roles of the CIO and CDO have historically been well understood and distinct. As CIOs develop the capabilities needed to run the processes of the company (hire-to-retire, procure-to-pay, order-to-cash), the CDO looks after the marketing, intelligence, and insights surrounding the company’s customers and markets. The CDO moves at a fast pace and uses new technologies to respond to changing customers trends/needs quickly – while relying on solid, foundational IT. The evolution of digital technologies enables CDO insights and new engagements models, new services, and new products. However, is the CIO no longer needed? Is the dynamic provisioning of digital tools such as AI, ML, cloud, xAAS, and mobile rendering the CIO to caretaking position of legacy environments, or are the positions molding together and merging? This segment of the program aims to address the critical work of the CIO and the CDO and analyze why the positions are increasingly merging and what is needed to succeed.

Break - Networking Pavilion

Lunch Table Talk Roundtables

General Session IT Empowerment: Creating the Next Generation of Leaders

Tom Peters is often quoted, “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” A diverse panel of CIOs will provide real-world insights they utilize in developing the next generation of IT leaders. Servant leadership, mentoring, and succession planning will be discussed along with the roles each play within the office of the CIO.

Break - Networking Pavilion

General Session Leadership within The Generational Divide

While finding talent today may not be challenging, attracting and retaining them can be. We all too often focus on the upcoming generation titles and traits, trying to define what they want and how we can provide it. Finding the intersection of what your company can genuinely offer as an experience with what they want is the value proposition that defines acceptance or rejection. Chances are your people leaders today are of a different generation class, which may mean “flexible” is perceived more like “lazy.” How you connect these generations is the key to leading in the divide.

Transition - Speaker Change

General Session CIO Best Practices - How organizations are developing and executing on their digital strategies

Customer Experience is the key to competitive advantage in today's organizations. Join Heather Zimmerman, Digital Product Consultant Practice Lead with Magenic, as she discusses with top technology executives the steps they are taking to foster a customer-centric culture and developing and executing their digital strategies to win in the marketplace.

Break - Networking Pavilion

ELR Wrap Up Beyond Today, the 6 Most Powerful Questions You Need to Know

Tapping into the stories of others to make deeper connections can be a transformative and powerful experience. Debriefing the experiences of your day and sharing stories helps further uncover how it can change conversations and business results. Learning how to go beyond today, and GATHER STORIES from your employees, customer and prospects is key to your continued development of your EQ. Christine Miles will arm you with the 6 most powerful questions you need in business to get the real story , gain insight, build trust and make meaningful connections to drive transformation in your business.
CIO Forum

Executive Exchange

After such an invigorating day of problem solving, connections and non-stop content, let’s “wine” down with some beverages. This is your chance to exchange ideas and really get to know those you briefly met or haven’t had the chance to!

Join us in the networking pavilion for the reception you have stayed all day for.

Admittance by Conference Badge Only.

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