One of the best annual CIO events to attend - both in getting a pulse on trends covering the full technology stack - security, infrastructure, support and app development, as well as learning from peers on talent retention and leadership skills.

Rafi Khan, Former CIO - Edible Arrangements

A well run, well managed event with relevant speakers and plenty of time for networking. How can you not enjoy an event with a donut wall?


Great conference with amazing insight from truly visionary peers.



CIO Forum

Check-In & Peer-to-Peer Networking Breakfast

Welcome & Introductions

  • Program Intro
    Amanda Moore, Head of IT - Customer Solutions, Support & Field Services, Schneider Electric, SIM Boston President
  • Event Emcee
    Hari Gopalakrishna, Digital Transformation Leader, Honeywell Connected Plant

Opening Keynote Humanizing the C-Suite

At the Forum, people are at the center of all business. With constant digital bombardment and disruption its becoming even more complex to truly connect and communicate effectively especially in sales and at events.

Have you ever wondered how you could become more relatable? Christine Miles, with Executive Leaders Radio and Premier Connects is breaking out from the traditional conference event model to ensure quality networking by bringing a select few CIOs into the limelight to discover the secret of how to make connections that change conversations and drive business success.

Through a unique story gathering process Christine discovers who executives really are and what drove their success. It helps people understand that executives are real, human, relatable, role models and people

Break - Networking Pavilion

General Session Boston: Revitalized, Reimagined, Through Talent and Technology

The IT agenda for 2019 is bigger and bolder than ever. Modernization. Automation. Transformation. Digitization. Acceleration. Innovation. The demands placed upon today’s CIO and IT overall have never been greater. Join our panel of experts and hear how they are addressing these realities, moving IT higher up the business value curve as “Innovative Anticipators ™” and positioning their companies as industry disruptors.

Break - Networking Pavilion

General Session Inside Staples' Digital Transformation Journey

  • Presenter
    Pragati Mathur, EVP, CTO & CIO Digital Solutions, Staples
  • Presenter
    Brian Watson, VP, Enterprise Innovation, Traction Technology Partners
Brian Watson, VP, Enterprise Innovation at Traction Technology Partners, Co-Author, Confessions of a Successful CIO
Like so many retailers, Staples is modernizing and re-crafting the way it interacts with customers. Pragati Mathur, the office supply giant's CTO, is spearheading that change from the ground-up, as Staples revamps everything from its in-store experience to the technology footprint that drives digital interactions.

In this session, Pragati will speak with author and CIO advisor Brian Watson about Staples' digital transformation--including key initiatives in supply chain, cloud, agile and legacy transformation--and the business implications for this extensive journey.

Transition - Speaker Change

General Session Connecting the Next Generation of IT Leaders Through Innovation and Community Outreach

  • Presenter
    Lindsay Ladd, Cofounder & Chief Risk Officer, Stranger Labs
  • Presenter
    James Whalen Jr., SVP, Chief Information & Technology Officer, Boston Properties
Hack Diversity tackles the under presentation of high-skilled minority employees in Boston’s innovation economy. Hack Diversity recruits Black and Latino computer science and engineering students into the city’s fastest-growing companies – training, coaching, and mentoring both employer and employee throughout the experience.

Hack Diversity’s vision is to 100% increase the number of Blacks and Latinos working in the innovation economy in Boston.

In this short session, Jim Whalen, SVP, CIO & CTO of Boston Properties will highlight SIM Boston’s outreach program by introducing a graduate of Hack Diversity who will discuss the impact Hack Diversity had on his/her career in tech.

Break - Networking Pavilion

Lunch Table Talk Roundtables

This time is carved out to discuss issues your organization faces with your peers during our lunch session. This is a great opportunity to network and learn from others in your industry.

General Session Up Close & Personal: What Keeps a CIO Up at Night

The role of the CIO has continued to evolve, and quickly. CIOs need to adapt beyond the technical projects they oversee and truly align technology as it relates to their business. Today, Digital Transformation, Financial Valuation, Agile Transformation, System Stability, DevOps and Talent Management are vital components to the success of a CIO and their organization. In this session, Murad will share his personal experiences through his role as Divisional CIO for insurance giant, Chubb.

This interactive session will integrate our new event app through surveys, live polling of the audience as well as Q&A with Murad.

Haven't downloaded the App? Visit the App Store and download the EventMobi App - type in the code cio-boston2019. You can also access the app through your web browser. Check back for exciting event updates and opportunities to network with your peers.

Dessert Break - Networking Pavilion

ELR Wrap Up Beyond Today, the 6 Most Powerful Questions You Need to Know

Tapping into the stories of others to make deeper connections can be a transformative and powerful experience. Debriefing the experiences of your day and sharing stories helps further uncover how it can change conversations and business results. Learning how to go beyond today, and GATHER STORIES from your employees, customer and prospects is key to your continued development of your EQ. Christine Miles will arm you with the 6 most powerful questions you need in business to get the real story , gain insight, build trust and make meaningful connections to drive transformation in your business.

Transition - Speaker Change

Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Digital Officer (CDO) - Are the roles converging?

The roles of the Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer have historically been well understood and distinct. As CIOs develop the capabilities needed to run the processes of the company (hire-to-retire, procure-to-pay, order-to-cash), the Chief Digital Officer looks after the marketing, intelligence and insights surrounding the company’s customers and markets. The CDO moves at a fast pace and uses new technologies to respond to changing customers trends/needs quickly –while relying on solid, foundational Information Technology. The evolution of digital technologies enables CDO insights and new engagement models, new services and new products. However, is the CIO no longer needed? Is the dynamic provisioning of digital tools such as AI, ML, cloud, xAAS, and mobile rendering the CIO to a caretaking position of legacy environments – or are the positions melding together and merging? This segment of the program aims to address the critical work of the CIO and the CDO and analyze why the positions are increasingly merging and what is needed to succeed.

Transition - Speaker Change

Closing Keynote

Executive Exchange

After such an invigorating day of problem solving, connections and non-stop content, let’s “wine” down with some beverages. This is your chance to exchange ideas and really get to know those you briefly met or haven’t had the chance to!

Join us in the networking pavilion for the reception you have stayed all day for.

Admittance by Conference Badge Only.

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