A pleasant surprise and not what I expected from a CIO Conference. It was a nice change of pace to focus on softer skills vs the traditional technology initiatives. It was a great Forum with a more personal approach.

Jess Walpole, VP, Global Information Security & IT Operations - Lincoln Electric

It's the best must attend event in your hometown.

Skozlowski, CIO - Cuyahoga

I have attended many CIO events in the past year and this was the most impactful. The content was relevant to the format encouraged networking.

dbain, CIO - Invacare

The CIO Conference got me to think about the BIG issues. I was able to 'get out of the weeds' where I spend too much of my time, unfortunately.

Ryan Conolon, CIO

Premier Connects CIO Forum in Cleveland was refreshing. Premier Connects gets it, it's not just about the technology, we're all human. Great one day event.

tdmullis, CIO - Babcock


CIO Forum

Check-In & Peer-to-Peer Networking Breakfast

Welcome & Introductions

Opening Keynote Humanizing the C-Suite

At the Forum, people are at the center of all business. With constant digital bombardment and disruption its becoming even more complex to truly connect and communicate effectively especially in sales and at events.

Have you ever wondered how you could become more relatable? Christine Miles, with Executive Leaders Radio and Premier Connects is breaking out from the traditional conference event model to ensure quality networking by bringing a select few CIOs into the limelight to discover the secret of how to make connections that change conversations and drive business success.

Through a unique story gathering process Christine discovers who executives really are and what drove their success. It helps people understand that executives are real, human, relatable, role models and people.

Break - Networking Pavilion

General Session IT Empowerment: Creating the Next Generation of Leaders

  • Moderator
    Adam Gorski, Executive General Manager (CIO) & Chief Digital Officer, The Timken Company
  • Panelist
    Heather Kelley, CIO, Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging
  • Panelist
    Tisa Mullis, VP & CIO, Babcock & Wilcox
  • Panelist
    Jess Walpole, VP Global IT Security & Operations, Lincoln Electric
Join us as this diverse panel of CIOs provide real world insights they utilize in developing the next generation of IT leaders. Servant leadership, mentoring, and succession planning will be discussed along with the roles each play within the office of the CIO.

Transition - Speaker Change

General Session CIO Leadership – The Skills you Need to Drive Results

A CIOs leadership and their people skills are the biggest determinate of their success – or failure. The best leaders build strong partnerships with their teams, peers and partners. In this session, Kevin Nally, will take you on a journey on what it takes to be an effective leader and engage and challenge you to think differently about your role.

Break - Networking Pavilion

Lunch Table Talk Roundtables

This time is carved out to discuss issues your organization faces with your peers during our lunch session. This is a great opportunity to network and learn from others in your industry.

General Session Reimagining the Future

When we look around us, we see a world in which change is the only constant. Where pace is accelerating, its trajectory exponential and its impact disrupting the institutions that support our society. We’re now living in a looking-glass world; where everything we think we know is challenged, including our long-held notions of success and failure. At the same time it’s a world where we can imagine, create and enable like never before. This emerging future will have a profound effect, as many aspects of society are challenged, re-examined and reimagined. In a world where change is constant and shifts occur instantly, we can no longer accurately predict the future, but instead must rehearse it. In this keynote, Frank Diana makes the case that we are entering the next era of great invention – one that could someday be viewed as the greatest in human history.

Break - Networking Pavilion

General Session Arhaus’ Virtual Desktop Journey to the Cloud

In today’s competitive environment organizations must find ways to continually improve business functionality and agility. If you stand still or keep doing what you’ve always done in the past, your competitors will find ways to beat you. This doesn’t have to be a total rip and replace, but a constant evolution toward a more streamlined, centralized, secure and flexible architecture.

Arhaus had an aging existing virtual desktop environment that supported their growing retail locations. It was having scale, capacity and some performance issues, especially at times of peak usage (which goes up and down during the year). Working with Coretek, Arhaus upgraded their virtual desktop environment to Azure using the Citrix Cloud. This created a scalable architecture, turned capital equipment cost into a virtual operating cost that is always current and doesn’t have to be refreshed every 5-6 years. In addition, the Citrix management plane is now always evergreen and doesn’t require constant upgrading by Arhaus staff to stay current. Very quickly, they were in a production pilot with the first five locations and within five months had converted all locations over to the new Azure environment. The new environment can quickly be expanded as needed and is performing much better that the old environment, allowing the staff to better serve Arhaus’ clientele.

In this session will discuss with CIO Dave Barney how Arhaus made the transition from a legacy Citrix environment to a virtual desktop environment in Azure that is agile, streamlined, centralized, secure and is monitor and supported with Coretek’s Managed Services. Having Coretek doing the day to day support, frees up the Arhaus IT staff to focus on providing more important strategic business functionality and value.

Transition - Speaker Change

General Session Enabling Your Digital Process Transformation Strategy

How are you prioritizing what processes to automate with the ever-changing digital IT landscape? Will you be able to keep up with the demands and opportunities provided by a host of exciting new technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), workflow, artificial intelligence (AI), and internet of things (IoT)? Changes are rampant and digital drivers impatient. Interact with Dave Peace, CEO of Systron Donner Inertial, to learn about the challenges facing CEO’s and CIO’s, and how they can use emerging process technologies to fuel business results, data flow and process efficiency.

Transition - Speaker Change

General Session Electrified, Connected, & Self-Driving Vehicles: The Road, Re-imagined, Secured, & Lives Transformed

  • Presenter
    Brian Kelley, CTO, Ohio Turnpike & Infrastructure Commission
In the 21st century transportation challenges with safety, mobility, and the environment in our society our demanding our attention. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 2017 data shows 37,133 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes, an average of 102 deaths per day. An average of nine teens ages 6-9 are killed every day from motor vehicle injuries. Our fixation with technology while driving and impaired driving is now associated with 50% of all traffic crashes. Connected and self-driving vehicle technology leveraging IoT, and edge computing is evolving rapidly and promises to potentially prevent approximately 80% of the vehicle crash scenarios involving unimpaired drivers and significantly reduce injuries and deaths stemming from motor vehicle crashes. This session will cover electrified, connected and self-driving vehicle technology and cybersecurity advancements which will positively impact transportation and lives in our society in the very near future on a road near you.

ELR Wrap Up What is NOT Listening Costing you?... The 6 Most Powerful Questions You Need to Know

Tapping into the stories of others to make deeper connections can be a transformative and powerful experience. Debriefing the experiences of your day and sharing stories helps further uncover how it can change conversations and business results. Learning how to go beyond today, and GATHER STORIES from your employees, customer and prospects is key to your continued development of your EQ. Christine Miles will arm you with the 6 most powerful questions you need in business to get the real story , gain insight, build trust and make meaningful connections to drive transformation in your business.

Executive Exchange

After such an invigorating day of problem solving, connections and non-stop content, let’s “wine” down with some beverages. This is your chance to exchange ideas and really get to know those you briefly met or haven’t had the chance to!

Join us in the networking pavilion for the reception you have stayed all day for.

Admittance by Conference Badge Only.

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