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Attendees across the region have come to expect a dynamic agenda with relevant, up-to-the-minute topics and exciting speakers who will share their wealth of knowledge and experience, helping you gain practical insights into your business challenges. The Premier CIO Forum includes powerful keynotes, informative breakouts, discussions with subject-matter experts, and cutting-edge solution providers.

33 Advisors

Our advisory council members offer valuable feedback to improve our event each year.

12 Sponsors

Premier would like to extend a special thank you to the 2018 sponsors of this event.

110 Organizations

These organizations have appointed one or more senior level executives to attend Cleveland CIO Forum.


Speakers are hand-selected by our Advisory Council for their expertise and ability to translate big ideas into stunning presentations.

  •  Ron Aderhold

    Ron Aderhold

    ASM International

    Chief Operations Officer & CIO

  •  Jane Alexander

    Jane Alexander

    Cleveland Museum of Art


  •  Ross Bernstein

    Ross Bernstein

    Inspirational Business Speaker & Best-Selling Sports Author

  •  Randy Cole

    Randy Cole

    Ohio Turnpike & Infrastructure Commission

    Executive Director

  •  Jeff Dutrizac

    Jeff Dutrizac

    Info-Tech Research Group

    Customer Success Lead

  •  Tony Facca

    Tony Facca

    NASA Glenn Research Center

    Chief, CIO Integration Office

  •  John Geraci

    John Geraci

    CI Squared

    Founder & CEO

  •  Brian Kelley

    Brian Kelley

    Ohio Turnpike & Infrastructure Commission


  •  Ron Markham

    Ron Markham


    Executive Strategist, Office of Strategy and Innovation

  •  Louise Moroney

    Louise Moroney

    NASA Glenn Research Center

    Deputy CIO

  • Dr. Shawn P. Murray CISSP

    Dr. Shawn P. Murray CISSP

    Murray Security Services & Consulting


  •  Joseph Pucciarelli

    Joseph Pucciarelli


    Group VP & IT Executive Advisor

  •  James Sciolto

    James Sciolto


    Cyber Security Account Executive

  •  Neil Weiss

    Neil Weiss

    Cleveland Indians

    SVP & CIO

  •  Jennie Zamberlan

    Jennie Zamberlan

    Avantia, Inc.



June 4-5, 2018

We have worked diligently to put together a stimulating and focused agenda, bringing together experts, visionaries and professionals from the IT industry. We look forward to sharing this exciting conference with you.

Welcome to the Cleveland CIO Forum exclusive networking reception. We welcome you to enjoy complimentary beverages in a relaxed setting. This is the perfect opportunity to network with your peers. Stay, chat, and enjoy yourself!

Admittance by Conference Badge Only.

Salon II-III

Jane Alexander, CIO, Cleveland Museum of Art

As one of the most technologically advanced museums in the country and with its internationally respected encyclopedic art collection, The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) continues to focus on ways in which digital technology can enhance the museum experience for all its visitors. Jane will explore the scope and core elements of the CMA’s digital roadmap; staffing requirements and the interdepartmental steering team put in place to guide digital initiatives; create backend systems to support flexible access, both in theory and practice; use of Meraki analytics in making data-driven decisions and the effort required to pull everything together.

Brian Kelley, CTO, Ohio Turnpike & Infrastructure Commission

- Limited Seating 

Event Emcee
Ron Aderhold, Chief Operations Officer & CIO, ASM International

Salon II-III

Ross Bernstein, Inspirational Business Speaker & Best-Selling Sports Author,

The best-selling author of nearly 50 sports books, Ross Bernstein is an award-winning peak performance hall of fame business speaker who's keynoted conferences on five continents and has been featured on CNN, ESPN, Fox News, and “CBS This Morning,” as well as in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today. Ross' program is based on a series of books he wrote in which he was able to interview more than 500 professional athletes and coaches that all had one thing in common — they were all members of championship teams. In his research he concluded that the same metrics and characteristics that were common among champions in sports, were also common in peak performers in business. As he learned, champions have a very unique DNA — and his goal in this keynote session is to get audience members thinking about their own DNA — and about the DIFFERENTIATORS they possess which would ultimately lead customers to CHOOSE to do business with them. At the core of his message is the simple fact that we like to do business with people who we trust, who we like, and who just “get it” — CHAMPIONS. In an engaging, provocative, and visually entertaining style, Ross will use inspirational stories and poignant life lessons from the world of sports to show attendees how to:
  • Create a “culture of excellence” by giving extraordinary customer service…
  • Generate momentum by utilizing the "currency of karma"...
  • Follow their moral compasses to win "the right way," with respect and integrity...
  • Be better leaders and create more "buy-in" by embracing change and failure...
  • Evolve from "order takers" to "trusted partners" by enhancing the quality of their relationships

Salon II-III

Dr. Shawn P. Murray CISSP, CISO, Murray Security Services & Consulting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly gaining recognition as a viable method to increase successful problem solving, advance research in areas that exceed human capabilities and are automating menial processes to increase efficiency and productivity in expediential time. In the future, your interface with a human doctor may be limited, as AI gains more prominence in the medical industry diagnosing  patients and determining levels of care. Al is being used to develop humanoids for companionship and is providing additional conveniences that are starting to alarm some organizations. There is a sense that the pace of AI is growing so fast that it may be impacting areas that are not getting the attention required to address various risks. Cybersecurity issues continue to arise regarding the integration of Al in computer systems, network and software platforms and the growing advances in IoT devices. As various industries invest in Al technology, CIOs, ClSOs, researchers and manufacturers need to be working together to ensure cybersecurity and other safeguards are being considered in the design phase before allowing AI technology into the computing environment. 

Salon IV

Joseph Pucciarelli, Group VP & IT Executive Advisor, IDC

Newly published IDC global research about organizations undergoing digital transformation finds that 59% remain stuck in the early stages of their transformation journey. While some digital projects have been implemented and are progressing, most companies report they are still struggling to digitally transform their broader organization.

Challenges with legacy culture, process, and financial incentives are widely identified digital transformation impediments. However, IDC research shows that many organizations confront more specific operational challenges: 1) outdated KPIs, 2) siloed organizational structures, 3) tactical planning, 4) limited expertise; and 5) siloed innovation.  Though business and technical leaders can point to successful tactical projects, they often express frustration about their ability to achieve true systemic progress and competitive advantage.

In today's session, IDC provides unique insights and actionable recommendations to overcome these hurdles including recommended approaches for:
  • Creating new digital KPIs
  • Establishing an end state digital organizational structure
  • Constructing a long-term digital roadmap
  • Identifying and developing essential digital capabilities
  • Building a digital platform

Salon I

James Sciolto, Cyber Security Account Executive, Darktrace

From insiders to sophisticated external attackers, the reality of cyber security today is that the threat is already inside. Legacy approaches to cyber security, which rely on knowledge of past attacks, are simply not sufficient to combat new, evolving attacks, and no human cyber analyst can watch so much or react quickly enough. A fundamentally new approach to cyber defense is needed to detect and respond to these threats that are already inside the network - before they turn into a full-blown crisis.  Self-learning systems represent a fundamental step-change in automated cyber defense, are relied upon by organizations around the world, and can cover up to millions of devices. Based on machine learning and probabilistic mathematics, these new approaches to security can establish a highly accurate understanding of normal behavior by learning an organization’s ‘pattern of life,’. They can therefore spot abnormal activity as it emerges and even take precise, measured actions to automatically curb the threat.    Discover why autonomous response and machine learning is the future of defense and how the ‘immune system’ approach to cyber security provides complete network visibility and the ability to prioritize threats in order to better allocate time and resources.  In this session, learn: 
  • How new machine learning and mathematics are automating advanced cyber defense 
  • Why full network visibility allows you to detect and autonomously respond to threats 
  • How smart prioritization and visualization of threats allows for better resource allocation and lower risk 
  • Real-world examples of unknown threats detected by ‘immune system’ technology

Salon I

Jeff Dutrizac, Customer Success Lead, Info-Tech Research Group

IT can often feel like an unwinnable game, with limited resources, changing priorities, multiple stakeholders and increased demands. Too often, IT leaders must make decisions with insufficient information and without knowing the true effect on the business. Info-Tech’s framework removes the guesswork from what makes the business happy and predicts the impact of key decisions before they happen. Info-Tech will walk you through the 3 real drivers of business satisfaction, and help IT leaders navigate a world in which:
  • Only 28% of Business Leaders are satisfied with the performance of IT
  • 67% of CIOs are not aligned with executives on the role of IT

Salon IV

Ron Markham, Executive Strategist, Office of Strategy and Innovation, ServiceNow

This panel discussion will explore how and why IT leadership practices should evolve in order to achieve the highly anticipated business outcomes C-suite stakeholders are expecting from digital transformation programs. How can IT leaders capitalize on digital transformation opportunities to establish new levels of credibility up to the board level?  What, in fact, are the expectations of the C-Suite and BOD?  What are the most important emerging technologies (Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning/AI, etc.) that will empower change-agents, both in the business and IT, who are driving holistic digital transformation initiatives in the organization?

Salon II-III

Neil Weiss, SVP & CIO, Cleveland Indians

Neil will share a vision of the business of baseball and how technology, physical space, and customers’ expectations create a balancing act between new and old.

John Geraci, Founder & CEO, CI Squared

View Video Intro:

Now more than ever CIO leaders need to effectively influence, gain trust and motivate others to action. But do they know HOW to be a “people expert,” and not just a technology expert? Learning HOW to apply basic principles of psychology to your business conversations can have a huge impact on influencing others and getting to yes and alignment more quickly. Learning a story FRAMEWORK and emotional skills will help CIOs influence and change business outcomes by CHANGING THE CONVERSATION.

Salon II-III

Randy Cole, Executive Director, Ohio Turnpike & Infrastructure Commission

With technology driving disruptions in America and around the world, the Ohio Turnpike is well-prepared for advanced connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) research and is currently deploying a fleet modernization and safety notification project enabled by Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) technology. The broader issue of CAV will be framed in broader societal terms of increased safety, economic benefits and quality of life improvements.

Starting with safety—the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Center for Disease Control (CDC) refer to traffic crashes as “a global problem.” Randy will discuss details of the health impacts of traffic crashes. Major disruptions driven by two advances in transportation technology, the airplane and the personal automobile provide context for the current need for government support and the potential economic impacts of new technologies. With so much attention being spent on driver acceptance of the new technologies, Randy will delve deeper into that research and some of what is being missed. He’ll also explore a range of potential positive impacts beyond the adoption of the technologies themselves.

Salon II-III

Tony Facca, Chief, CIO Integration Office, NASA Glenn Research Center

Louise Moroney, Deputy CIO, NASA Glenn Research Center

From the Office of the CIO, Louise and Tony will anecdotally touch on their overarching goals and strategies from the perspectives of NASA the Agency, NASA the Glenn Research Center, and how IT is supporting, enabling and delivering for and in support of the NASA mission in North East Ohio.

Jennie Zamberlan, President, Avantia, Inc.

Welcome to the Cleveland CIO Forum exclusive networking reception. We welcome you to enjoy complimentary beverages and hors d’oeuvres in a relaxed setting. This is the perfect opportunity to network with your peers and some of the prominent speakers from the day’s agenda. Premier Connects, Inc. will be making a charitable donation to the Cleveland SIM Chapter. Stay, chat, and enjoy yourself! 

Admittance by Conference Badge Only.

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Advisory Council

  •  Ron Aderhold

    Ron Aderhold

    ASM International

    Chief Operations Officer & CIO

  •  Jane Alexander

    Jane Alexander

    Cleveland Museum of Art


  •  Pete Anderson

    Pete Anderson

    Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority


  •  John Broerman

    John Broerman

    GrafTech International

    VP IT

  •  William (Bill) Eline

    William (Bill) Eline


    VP & CIO

  •  Jeff Farkas

    Jeff Farkas

    Roetzel & Andress


  •  John Fleischer

    John Fleischer


    SVP & CIO

  •  Steven Gaj

    Steven Gaj

    Cleveland VA Medical Center


  •  George Gazdick

    George Gazdick

    Squire, Patton, Boggs LLP

    Global CIO

  •  Kathy Golden

    Kathy Golden


    EVP & CTO

  •  Jim Hallman

    Jim Hallman

    Invacare Corporation

    Director of Business Applications

  •  Steve Hammond

    Steve Hammond

    Kichler Lighting


  •  Michael Hickman

    Michael Hickman

    Department of Veterans Affairs

    Network CIO

  •  Brian Kelley

    Brian Kelley

    Ohio Turnpike & Infrastructure Commission


  •  Matthew LoPiccolo

    Matthew LoPiccolo


    Vice President Customer Service & Supply Chain

  •  Steve Lubowicz

    Steve Lubowicz

    N2Y LLC


  •  Brian McDonald

    Brian McDonald

    Lubrizol Corporation

    Director, Information Systems Infrastructure

  •  Michael McManamon

    Michael McManamon

    Cleveland Sight Center


  •  Louise Moroney

    Louise Moroney

    NASA Glenn Research Center

    Deputy CIO

  •  Jennifer Murphy

    Jennifer Murphy

    Dealer Tire

    Director Information Solutions

  •  Louis Penny

    Louis Penny



  •  Sandra Rapp

    Sandra Rapp

    The Timken Company

    VP & CIO

  •  Lori Reeves

    Lori Reeves

    Rose Community Management

    Director, Operation Services

  •  Mario Shahidian

    Mario Shahidian

    Steris Corp

    VP & CIO

  •  Ned Sherry

    Ned Sherry

    Kinetico Incorporated

    Director IT

  •  Brian Skusa

    Brian Skusa


    Market Vice President

  •  George Slogik

    George Slogik

    Lincoln Electric Company

    VP, Global Digital Business Solutions

  •  Dawn Swit

    Dawn Swit

    Next IT Staffing


  •  Troy Thomas

    Troy Thomas

    Wells Fargo

    SVP Information Security

  •  Joe Vincent

    Joe Vincent

    Progressive Insurance

    IT Manager

  •  Tom Wojnarowski

    Tom Wojnarowski

    Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA)


  •  Jennie Zamberlan

    Jennie Zamberlan

    Avantia, Inc.


  •  Kevin Zelina

    Kevin Zelina

    Materion Corporation

    Project Manager-Analyst


Join us this year in Cleveland, OH as we discuss cutting-edge technologies with influential thought-leaders.


Premier would like to extend a special thank you to the 2018 sponsors of this event.


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