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The Premier CIO events always provide an amazing attendee experience. They are an excellent opportunity to see how other executives are achieving strategic initiatives across a wide range of industries. These venues offer a great opportunity to network with other leaders who are willing to share their experiences for the benefit of anyone interested. The topics have always been timely, topical, and engaging. Thank you.

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11am – 1pm EST

Welcome & Introductions

Opening Keynote The Perfect Alliance: Redefining the CIO/CISO Relationship

  • Moderator
    Joy Beland, CISM, SSAP, CMMC-AB, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, Professional Instructor & CMMC Training Program Manager, Edwards Performance Solutions
  • Panelist
    Brandon Greenwood, CISO & VP, Information Technology & Security,
It’s no secret that the relationship between the CIO and CISO that is often met with resistance and in some cases, different schools of thought. In recent years, the pandemic has accelerated a new dynamic between IT and Security; one that relies on trust, open communication and deep connection among IT Leaders.

Traditionally, the CIO has been charged with ensuring that IT infrastructure meets business objectives and the CISO is charged with ensuring the same IT infrastructure operates within the risk tolerance parameters set by the board and CEO. As we fast forward to present day, both IT Infrastructure and Security have since become a board-level priority for organizations spanning across all industries. As Security and its relationship to IT becomes more entangled, a solid relationship between CIOs and their CISO counterparts is critical to the success of any organization.  

Join us, and a panel of your peers discuss how they continue to bridge the gap between Security and IT.

General Session Employment Lifecycle Management to Mitigate Insider Threats

  • Presenter
    Shawnee Delaney, Decorated Intelligence Officer, Investigator and Insider Threat Subject Matter Expert, Vaillance Group, Uber
An employee’s lifecycle encompasses several stages throughout their career. This begins with recruitment and concludes with resignation, retirement, or termination. This talk addresses how organizations can establish an employment lifecycle program in order to give employees consistency throughout their careers and teaches you how to prevent insider threats as a result. It also provides a framework to understand important interdependencies, touchpoints, interactions, and gaps in insider protection strategies.

It will cover:
·What is an insider threat?
·What is employment lifecycle management?
·How the human factor impacts organizations
·Best practices for mitigating insider threat by managing the employment lifecycle

General Session Cloud Migrations, Digital Transformation, Ransomware and Other CISO & CIO Lessons Learned

The pandemic accelerated Digital Transformation with a focus on cloud adoption for better outcomes and experiences. However, today’s networks are now more distributed than ever - creating an expanded attack surface and levels of complexity that outstrips the capabilities of traditional approaches. Contactless commerce, remote working, telehealth and other facets of digital transformation are rapidly transforming the ways we communicate, conduct commerce, and deliver public services.

Going forward, organizations of all sizes, will need to balance risk management and security with the need to safely open up the enterprise to better serve the connected citizen. How should we think about computing, networking, and security when enterprises own less and less infrastructure, platforms and software? In this session, we’ll discuss practical solutions and hard lessons learned by CISOs & CIOs as they worked through the pandemic and now prepare for a much more accelerated, interconnected and exposed operating environment.

General Session Don't Pay the Ransom

  • Presenter
    Jason Cook, Technical Services Director, Rubrik Inc.
No matter how thick your firewalls are, the bad guys are still getting through. Ransomware attacks strike every 11 seconds. A payout isn’t the way out. Recovering from a clean backup is really the only way to beat the hackers. Attend this session and learn how to mitigate attack vectors that cyber criminals are known to exploit and utilize true immutability, anomaly detection, sensitive data discovery, retention lock, and multi-factor authentication to ensure rapid recovery during an incident.

Closing Keynote What Lies Beneath. The Dangers of the Dark Web for Your Organization

  • Presenter
    Charles Denyer, Cyber and National Security Consultant, Charles Denyer
Stolen healthcare data. Compromised bank accounts. Nefarious hackers for hire. Ransomware scripts for sale. The deepest, darkest layers of the Internet come complete with an almost unimaginable list of illegal activities that anyone can perpetrate. Welcome to the Dark Web, a part of the Internet that’s becoming more dangerous with each passing day. Now more than ever, organizations need to protect themselves from the growing threats posed by the Dark Web and the massive implications it can have. One wrong click of the mouse by unsuspecting employees lurking on the Dark Web can spell disaster for an organization. National Security & Cybersecurity authority Charles Denyer offers a rare glimpse of real-world stories of the Dark Web and what CIOs need to be doing in protecting their company’s most vital assets.

Closing Remarks

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