Premier Connects Virtual CIO Roundtable was an excellent opportunity to share and learn from the experience of others.

Karen Swift - Marshall Dennehey

This CIO event has provided a great forum with which we can exchange ideas and discuss business challenges with peers, but also to hear solutions to opportunities you have yet to face.

John Janthor - Radwell International


11AM - 2PM EST

Featured Sessions How to Survive, Reset and Thrive

In times of unprecedented change and extreme uncertainty, organizations must act, but traditional responses will be less effective. Instead, CIOs must help their organizations stop planning and start preparing. Homkes will kick off our conversation by introducing her framework for growing out of the downturn including how to Survive (stabilize the business with a growth mindset); Reset (revisit and reset the existing strategic plan and set an updated direction and priorities); and thrive (dramatically grow and prosper on the other inside including identifying and taking advantage of strategic insights through disciplined flexibility). She will challenge us to up our learning velocity throughout this process to build a robust organization for ongoing growth.

Fostering Inclusion, Authentically

Checklists or buzz words do not result in the true power of inclusive teams and organizations. Inclusion needs to be authentic: real! True inclusion begins with connection: active listening, leaning in to understand more deeply and beginning the journey to increased empathy and authentic inclusion. Once we understand that no one person ‘knows’ everything and that truth is buried in perspectives, then we can be humble, lean-in and truly listen to one another. Through real conversations with people, we begin to understand that our own belief systems are insufficient on their own – that we only see a slice of reality when we are disconnected from one another. During times of isolation, economic hardship, racial and political divisiveness, how can your organization build connection and true inclusion, virtually?

A Heart Walk of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Moderator
    Kath Marston, Group Vice President, Customer Experience & Operations, IDC
  • Panelist
    Bennetta Raby, CIO Executive Council Coach & Pathways Faculty Member, CIO Executive Council
An interactive discussion with Bennetta Raby, CIO Executive Council Coach, discussing her direct experiences with inequalities that can start early in a person’s career and form unconscious biases about those that create the offense (unconsciously, consciously). Hearing the words “You are different, you are not like most” had a more divisive effect than outright discrimination, forming an additional division within her social groups. Carrying the weight of being the only minority (person of color, a woman, minority in technology, executive, youngest) was at first intimidating but later gave the courage to exploit- the reasons behind unmet needs, fear of equity and innovation with diverse and inclusive approaches.

A Journey Towards Building A Diverse & Inclusive Team

The Precisionists, Inc. (TPI) is a national company, founded in 2016, which is focused on creating 10,000 jobs for people with disabilities by the year 2025. TPI provides industry best practices for delivering business administrative and technology services, to companies like Salt River Project (SRP) in Tempe, Arizona. TPI has developed an innovative employment model to deliver these services to client partners, utilizing teams which include individuals with developmental disabilities, such as autism.

SRP, a water and energy company which provides reliable, affordable water and power to more than 2 million people living in central Arizona. SRP began their partnership with TPI as a pilot project in September 2018 and has grown and evolved as SRP’s business opportunities and requirements have changed.

Join SRP’s Susan Smith, Director of IT Workplace Services, and The Precisionists’ CEO, Ernie Dianastasis, for a discussion about how these two companies began their journey and are working together to create jobs for neurodiverse adults, while contributing towards SRP’s goals of building an diverse and inclusive team.

Reinventing Talent Pipelines

  • Panelist
    Krystal Smith, IT Support Administrator, Affirm, Inc.
  • Panelist
    Byron Ward, Regional Director, Corporate Engagement, Year Up
Employers are hyper-focused on preparing for the future of work, and Year Up is ready to equip companies with the talent they need to build a stronger, more diverse workforce. Year Up is a collaborative talent acquisition partner, providing companies with access to a new pipeline of talent, flexible and scalable solutions, and diversity that fuels innovation. In this session, you’ll be joined by Year Up’s Corporate Engagement Director, Byron Ward and Year Up’s very own Alumni, Krystal T. Smith on how Year Up’s market-driven skills training made an impact on her life and career.

Leading with Diversity & Inclusion

Ann Marr, EVP of Global HR will provide insights into the ongoing Journey to reinforce our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion and continuing to make World Wide Technology a Great Place to Work for ALL.

Closing Remarks

  • Host
    Dr. Rebecca Homkes, Lecturer, Director, London Business School, Strategic Management Centre
We will pull together key insights and end with a call to action with guidance on how CIOs can lead their organizations, accelerate learning and thrive coming out of 2020 and into 2021.

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