This CIO event has provided a great forum with which we can exchange ideas and discuss business challenges with peers, but also to hear solutions to opportunities you have yet to face.

John Janthor - Radwell International

Exceeded my expectations for a virtual CIO forum, well planned and executed with no disruptions. Topics and speakers were very enriching, virtually engaging and thought provoking. Talk Shifts tips were practical yet profound, this alone was a true gift to take away from the event.

Kevin Wilkins, CIO - City of Fort Collins

Premier Connects Virtual CIO Roundtable was an excellent opportunity to share and learn from the experience of others.

Karen Swift, CIO - Marshall Dennehey


11am – 3pm EST

Welcome & Introductions

  • Host
    Dr. Rebecca Homkes, Lecturer, Director, London Business School, Strategic Management Centre

Opening Keynote Ambassadors for Inclusion - Setting the Standard for an Equitable Future

  • Presenter
    Billy Bean, Vice President & Special Assistant to the Commissioner, Major League Baseball
Billy Bean is the only living major league baseball player, past or present, in the 153-year history of MLB to publicly disclose he is Gay. Billy played his entire career with a secret, and ultimately left baseball after the death of his partner while a member of the San Diego Padres. His story became a national news sensation, which led to his becoming one of the most sought after inspirational speakers in professional sports. Billy returned to MLB in 2014 as its first ever “Ambassador for Inclusion,” and helped change the culture of an entire sport. He has since created multiple education initiatives championing, respect, acceptance, and DE&I values in the workplace.

General Session Performative vs Authentic: Real Talk about Diversity & Inclusion

  • Moderator
    Monique Bryan, Executive Producer of Personal Brands, Monique Bryan Worldwide Inc.
  • Panelist
    Monica Brown, VP, Mobile Product Development, Tucows
  • Panelist
    Hazel Valdez, Associate Director, Oregon Bioscience Incubator
  • Panelist
    Blaire Hervey, Senior Director of Global Industry Sales Enablement Delivery, Salesforce
  • Panelist
    Marcus Carter II, Director of Social Equity, Cinder
It was a tumultuous and trying year, but a point of pride for the D&I movement … or did it just appear that way? As companies and firms commit to building diverse and inclusive practices, there has been much discussion that many of these companies are doing it for show or to bolster one’s own image. What’s worse is some don’t even know it. But how do you, as a leader in your organization, identify where you or they are falling short?

Get a front-row seat to this powerful panel discussion with a dynamic group of individuals, where we discuss questions like,

“What does embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace really mean?”
“Does increasing the number of people from underrepresented groups make for a better business?”
“What does ‘doing the work’ look like, versus being performative?”
“Who should be qualifying these initiatives in the organization?

And so much more.

Breakout Session Understand the Assignment: Prioritize Disability Inclusion

  • Presenter
    Catarina Rivera, Disability Speaker and DEI Consultant, Blindish Latina
With the future of work rapidly taking shape, savvy leaders need to recognize that disability inclusion is imperative.

While more than 15% of the world is disabled, disability awareness and inclusion are often not seen as priorities.

In her talk, Catarina takes leaders on a journey that activates a commitment to disability inclusion.

She addresses:
·3 myths blocking leaders from focusing on disability
·The emotions surrounding disability
·A vision for the future of work that centers disability inclusion
She uses her own story as a disabled Latine woman to ground you in real-life examples and to create urgency around the imperative for inclusion.

Unlock new possibilities as a leader and human by understanding this (already overdue) assignment!

Breakout Session Mental Wellness Isn’t What You Think It Is

  • Presenter
    Roxanne Francis, Psychotherapist & Registered Social Worker, Francis Psychotherapy
Moving beyond ping pong tables and free food, learn why investing in your employee’s mental health is better for business.

General Session Diversity Equity and Inclusion at Google - The Commitment to Build For Everyone

The conversation around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has become more widespread. But the past two years have pushed DEI conversations into the forefront of people’s minds, and have made several organizations consider how to build a more diverse and inclusive business. At Google, we build products and services that reflect the billions of users we serve. We also want a workforce that is just as diverse as our users. In this session, Shaena will discuss how Google attracts diverse talent and creates a workplace that celebrates everyone.

General Session A Guide to Understanding Trans/Gender: The Fundamentals

Learning to be an ally to trans/gender people in your life, or to trans/gender people overall is an ongoing process. Some ways are relatively simple and easy, others take more time, understanding and commitment. This session will help you start to lay the foundation of understanding and creating the tangible tools needed to affirm trans people.

Closing Keynote Happy Hacks for Soulful Success

  • Presenter
    Robert Mack, Positive Psychology Expert & Executive Coach, Robert Mack
Get better results with less effort... by applying ivy-league science.

In this honest, heartfelt, and humorous conversation, Robert Mack—Former Big 5 Management Consultant, Executive Coach, Celebrity Happiness Coach, Published Author, and TV Host--will reveal some of the most dramatic, surprising, and significant research findings from the exploding field of Positive Psychology... and explain why you should care.

He will share some of the best tips, tricks, tools, and techniques that he's gleaned from over 20 years of work with companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twilio, Microsoft, SalesForce, Deloitte, Capital One, and others.... and with clients from of all walks of life, including senior executives, serial entrepreneurs, star entertainers, elite athletes, and everyday people alike.

Presenting surprisingly practical wisdom in a softly entertaining, playful format, Robert will describe how to achieve an energizing balance of increasingly effortless, professional success and authentic, personal happiness. Outlining several practical, tactical, tried-and-true principles that have been applied everywhere from classrooms to boardrooms, he will encourage us to capitalize on the most recent research to improve our performance, maximize our potential, and optimize our professional and personal lives.

Regardless of current circumstances, everyone can achieve more success on the outside and enjoy more authentic happiness on the inside by applying a few simple strategies. Get better results with less time, energy, and effort with this talk by Rob Mack.

Closing Remarks

  • Host
    Dr. Rebecca Homkes, Lecturer, Director, London Business School, Strategic Management Centre

Diversity Forum


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