Premier Connects Virtual CIO Roundtable was an excellent opportunity to share and learn from the experience of others.

Karen Swift - Marshall Dennehey

Great insight as to where people are in this time of upheaval. The breakout sessions where we could directly interact with our peers was a great opportunity to hear what actions others were taking.

Jeff Keating - Neurabilities Healthcare

This CIO event has provided a great forum with which we can exchange ideas and discuss business challenges with peers, but also to hear solutions to opportunities you have yet to face.

John Janthor - Radwell International

Great opportunity to mingle with colleagues and share best practices as well as gain insight to others value added solutions in the IT realm.

Janice D'Amico - Thai Summit America


11AM - 2PM EST

Featured Sessions How to Survive, Reset and Thrive

  • Host
    Dr. Rebecca Homkes, Lecturer, Director, London Business School, Strategic Management Centre
In times of unprecedented change and extreme uncertainty, organizations must act, but traditional responses will be less effective. Instead, CIOs must help their organizations stop planning and start preparing. Homkes will kick off our conversation by introducing her framework for growing out of the downturn including how to Survive (stabilize the business with a growth mindset); Reset (revisit and reset the existing strategic plan and set an updated direction and priorities); and thrive (dramatically grow and prosper on the other inside including identifying and taking advantage of strategic insights through disciplined flexibility). She will challenge us to up our learning velocity throughout this process to build a robust organization for ongoing growth.

How Much are you Worth on the Internet?

  • Presenter
    Adam Fichman, Owner & Founder, Serial Entrepreneur, Lifted Logic
Adam Fichman understands the internet and business. In his talk, he will explore the relationship between users and their value to a business. Without understanding how much each user is worth it's impossible to make informed business decisions. His focus on conversion rates instead of site visitors shifts the vantage point to a more effective way to turn web traffic into revenue. Adam Fichman’s passion for computers, design, and development has been a work in progress for over 20 years (he started coding at the age of 6!) and he has watched the internet develop over time through a multitude of delivery mediums. He wrote the software allowing for videos to be sent from the internet to cell phones, and started his first company, 1Dawg, which was one of YouTube’s first competitors. When he's not teaching clients about throughput, measuring conversions, and how to use the web to increase their bottomline, he spends his time with his newborn son, Eden, and in his garden pretending to be a gardener.

The Third Energy Transition and the $30 Trillion Funding Gap

The world is in the midst of an intergenerational wealth transfer estimated at $30 trillion from baby boomers to their children over the next 2-3 decades. The millennial generation is seeking far more than mere financial factors – responsible investments and positive ESG impacts alongside financial returns. These trends support a growing change in mindsets among investors globally and with increasing capital flow into sustainable and renewable investments comes greater opportunity for excess returns. This presentation will look at three core energy transition scenarios and the economic benefits that clean energy can yield.

The Future of IT: How Collaboration of IT and HR is Dramatically Changing the Workforce in 2020 and Beyond

The relationship between the IT and HR has forever changed. In this session, you will be joined by global innovative leaders who are sharing their stories of collaboration and innovation when faced with unprecedented pressure to drive digital transformation. Join us to learn how both IT and HR are supporting one another along the journey into 2021.

Choose your own adventure: How a Multi-Cloud Strategy Provides Flexibility, Cost Savings, and a Competitive Advantage

Since March, IT teams have been challenged to accelerate initiatives that would have taken months of planning and committee meetings within normal business operations. The Managed Services division of NTT Ltd. has defined strategies and methodologies to rapidly design and deploy cloud infrastructure and help clients successfully navigate the complexities of a multi-cloud transformation. This session will discuss the many ways a multi-cloud strategy can enhance your organization’s capabilities.

Beyond “Workplace”: Thriving in a Boundless World with a Distributed Workforce

  • Presenter
    Robert DeVito, Global Director, Chrome Customer & Partner Sales Engineering, Google
The future of work came early. The rapid evolution of the workstation from cubicle to open floor plan — and now to remote work — has changed everything about how workforces communicate, collaborate, and stay productive. Join us for this session where you’ll learn how to cultivate a distributed workforce by introducing productive and secure work environments, access to tools that inspire connection and collaboration, and the ability for IT to centrally and remotely manage devices.

Closing Remarks

  • Host
    Dr. Rebecca Homkes, Lecturer, Director, London Business School, Strategic Management Centre
We will pull together key insights and end with a call to action with guidance on how CIOs can lead their organizations, accelerate learning and thrive coming out of 2020 and into 2021.

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