The quality of speakers and content is excellent. Worth blocking time to attend. Look forward to future events.

Joel Munch, Contract CIO - Colorado Hospital Association

What a terrific job you all did! I honestly enjoyed this more than the in-person events. The organization of the event was terrific, speakers and topics were well selected, and I appreciated lunch. Thank you.

Kara McFall - University of Oregon

The program offered great, to the point, and actionable content.

Scott Midkiff, VP IT & CIO - Virginia Tech

Premier Connects Virtual CIO Roundtable was an excellent opportunity to share and learn from the experience of others.

Karen Swift, CIO - Marshall Dennehey


11am – 2pm EST

Welcome & Introductions From Reset to Thrive: How to Lead a Growth Journey

  • Host
    Dr. Rebecca Homkes, Lecturer, Director, London Business School, Strategic Management Centre
Uncertainty challenges leadership teams to adapt, and to navigate their organizations through a journey of surviving (stabilizing the business with a growth mindset) to resetting (updating the existing direction and plans) in order to thrive or dramatically grow and prosper. Dr. Homkes will kick off our discussions by discussing the Survive Reset Thrive journey and how to lead the transition from reset to thrive. She will share stories of successful companies that are building robust organizations for growth and provide insights of how you can do the same! Then she will introduce her B.L.A.S.T framework that describes successful high-growth companies and their teams prepare for a successful growth path. She will challenge us as CIOs to embrace the challenge and build organizations ready to blast off and grow!

Opening Keynote Virtual Events place in the Future of Media

The pandemic has revealed a whole new way to galvanize, energize and engage audiences; opened a whole new vista of opportunity for monetization of access to media personalities, and new ways of creating compelling participatory content. Hear about how virtual events will likely change your media and entertainment offerings in the years to come.

General Session The Way Forward

  • Presenter
    Spencer Levy, Global Chief Client Officer & Sr Economics Advisor, CBRE
The pandemic has completely disrupted how we live, work and play. Join an expert from CBRE discuss their thoughts on The Way Forward for the economy and commercial real estate, especially as conditions evolve due to a new U.S. administration and the vaccine.

General Session Media Disruption in the Direct-to-Consumer Era

  • Presenter
    Teena Piccione, Managing Director Telco, Media & Entertainment, Google Cloud
  • Presenter
    Anil Jain, Managing Director - Media & Entertainment, Industry Solutions, Google Cloud
The media & entertainment industry is in the midst of a transformational shift, as direct-to-consumer disrupts the journey of media content, from creator to consumer. As audience choices for content and platforms multiply, they’ve come to expect 1:1 personalized interactions from acquisition to experience --across every subsegment of the media industry.

In this session, we’ll explore how media firms can adapt by reimagining their relationships with audiences, and prepare for what’s next by building an agile, flexible, data-driven organization of the future.

General Session A Closer Look at 2021s Most Innovative CIOs

Globally and across a range of industries, 2020 took existing patterns of activity for CIOs and sped them up radically and unexpectedly. Some organizations were more prepared than others. However, a select few overachieving teams solved these challenges in remarkably creative ways. In this session, we will dig deeper on strategies that allow for companies to not only survive, but thrive. In addition, we will explore companies who ‘broke the mold’ in 2020 and the strategies they plan to adopt as they take on 2021.

General Session Giants Community Fund – Looking Forward

  • Presenter
    Sue Petersen, Executive Director, Giants Community Fund
In a year filled with so much unrest and cloudiness, it’s a bit of a paradox that some things have become clearer than ever. This is the case with the mission of the Giants Community Fund. With society’s challenges of a pandemic and the continued battle for racial justice, the fund looked to its mission to find strength and clarity. In this short session, you’ll hear from Giants Community Fund Executive Director, Sue Petersen on their programs and how they are propelling youth in underserved regions to be positive forces in their communities.

General Session Gaming in a Post-COVID World

COVID has changed the way studios are producing games -- and who is playing them. As game play surged and strengthened in-game social communities, it’s attracted a wider, more diversified audience of new gamers. In this session, explore COVID’s lasting impact and the opportunities created for gaming companies to better understand their new audiences, and foster more robust cross-platform ecosystems to serve these new gamers, wherever they are.

Closing Remarks Are you Ready to Grow?

  • Host
    Dr. Rebecca Homkes, Lecturer, Director, London Business School, Strategic Management Centre
We will pull together key insights and end with a call to action including recapping shared guidance on how CIOs can lead their organizations, accelerate learning and thrive through 2021 and beyond.

CIO Industry Forum | Entertainment (Media & Gaming)


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