This is the most rewarding experience. An opportunity to collaborate and learn from others. I recommend these sessions to everyone in this field.

Elaine Lofton, IT Director - AAYHF

A highly engaging and informative virtual CIO forum that was facilitated well, and invaluable insights shared from industry peers, well done.

Kevin Wilkins, CIO - City of Fort Collins

When it comes to hosting events whether they be in person or virtual Premier Connects is best in class. The events are well organized, well moderated and contains relevant topics with impressive speakers.

George Reichert, CIO - Genworth Financial


11am – 1pm EST

Welcome & Introductions

  • Host
    Kim Ades, Founder & Co-Founder, Frame of Mind Coaching™ & The Journal That Talks Back™

Opening Keynote Consistent Growth in Times of Crisis: How To Lead Your IT Team Through Any Market Condition with Confidence, Conviction, and Impact

  • Moderator
    Kim Ades, Founder & Co-Founder, Frame of Mind Coaching™ & The Journal That Talks Back™
  • Panelist
    Gary Washington, CIO, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Panelist
    Lorna Drennen, Assistant CIO, U.S. Department of Agriculture REE (USDA)
IT Leadership has never been more demanding or more challenging.  COVID has pushed our Leaders to stretch not only their time and their problem-solving skills to accommodate a virtual working environment, but it has also forced them to step up to the plate and lead with more confidence, conviction, and impact amid all the ambiguity we are facing.

In this session we will explore:
·Strategies and specific technologies that IT Leaders are using to keep their team engaged and rowing in the same direction
·What makes it possible for some IT Leaders to soar even in these challenging times
·Industry data to help navigate roadblocks and make better decisions
·Perspective and lessons learned from your Industry peers facing similar challenges
·How to deal with the stress, tension with an overwhelming workload
·How to juggle excellent performance with a LIFE
·Resources that are being used to overcome some of the toughest obstacles

General Session From Spies to Social Engineers: How the Human Factor Leaves You Vulnerable

  • Presenter
    Shawnee Delaney, Decorated Intelligence Officer, Investigator and Insider Threat Subject Matter Expert, Vaillance Group, Uber
This presentation will provide an overview on what the term "insider threat" actually encompasses, from unintentional acts to malicious acts, and everything in between. It will provide details and case studies on fraud, IT sabotage, espionage, trusted third parties, the Critical Pathway, and red flag indicators. The Critical Pathway, as identified by Shaw and Sellers, explains how personal predispositions, stressors, and concerning behaviors can lead up to Insider Threat-like behaviors and/or malicious acts. In addition, this presentation will discuss how one's personal motivations and vulnerabilities can leave their organization vulnerable, how your company's culture can affect insider threat, and how both spies and social engineers work similarly to target you and your employees to gain access to your organization's most sensitive data.

General Session The Rigors of Regulatory Compliance | Detangling the Alphabet Soup of Federal Compliance Reporting

  • Presenter
    Charles Denyer, Cyber and National Security Consultant, Charles Denyer
From FISMA to FedRAMP, and countless other compliance mandates, both federal contractors - and the agencies they are required to report compliance findings to - are facing huge challenges with a seemingly never-ending list of rules and regulations that must be addressed each year. What’s needed is a clear understanding of today’s current – and pending – InfoSec and Cyber regulations, and the impact they’ll have on both federal contractors and agencies. Topics covered include the following: (1). Current and upcoming cyber legislation from various bodies and agencies. (2). Best practices for cyber compliance harmonization regarding NIST RMF. (3). Enhancements to NIST 800-53, rev. 5. (4). Political and legislative issues and trends affecting Cybersecurity and also data privacy.

Closing Remarks

  • Host
    Kim Ades, Founder & Co-Founder, Frame of Mind Coaching™ & The Journal That Talks Back™

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