The quality of speakers and content is excellent. Worth blocking time to attend. Look forward to future events.

Joel Munch, Contract CIO - Colorado Hospital Association

Great opportunity to mingle with colleagues and share best practices as well as gain insight to others value added solutions in the IT realm.

Janice D'Amico - Thai Summit America

This was a welcome and well executed event that connected people during challenging times.

Karl Horvath, Ph.D., CIO - La Salle University

This CIO event has provided a great forum with which we can exchange ideas and discuss business challenges with peers, but also to hear solutions to opportunities you have yet to face.

John Janthor, VP IT - Radwell International


We have worked diligently to put together a stimulating and focused agenda, bringing together experts, visionaries and professionals from the IT industry. We look forward to sharing this exciting conference with you.


11am – 2pm EST

Welcome & Introductions Don’t Risk It – Learn to Be Ethically Vigilant

  • Host
    Rashmi Airan, Keynote Speaker & Consultant, Rashmi Airan Consulting
One oversight, one moment of turning your head the other way is all it takes to alter the course of your entire career. That’s the lesson Rashmi Airan learned after approving creative transactions during her time as a real estate lawyer. After serving time in prison for bank fraud, Rashmi speaks about the importance of being ethically vigilant. She instills vital critical decision-making tools and behavioral ethics through her story. Rashmi will examine positive psychology tools to help others learn to rise up when they themselves are brought down to their knees.

Join Rashmi to learn how to:
-Create a culture of courageous conversations and vulnerability
-Identify slippery slopes that can lead down an unethical path
-Be ethically vigilant in and out of the workplace.
-Set a mindset for becoming an Overcomer.

Opening Keynote The CIO Challenge: 2021s New Technology Leader

By now, it's no secret that digital transformation agendas require that CIOs become true working partners to the business. We've decided to go further. Upon acknowledging that virtually everything we do has some critical dependency on technology, we want to skate to where the puck is going. That is, the lines between business and technology must continue to blur. Our aim is a working relationship so symbiotic that it will be hard to tell where the business stops and IT starts. This will be a key strategic asset and a competitive advantage for us.

General Session The Way Forward

  • Presenter
    Spencer Levy, Chairman of Americas Research and Senior Economic Advisor, CBRE
The pandemic has completely disrupted how we live, work and play. Join an expert from CBRE discuss their thoughts on The Way Forward for the economy and commercial real estate, especially as conditions evolve due to a new U.S. administration and the vaccine.

General Session Technologies and Trends Reshaping the Insurance Industry

  • Presenter
    David Castellani, SVP, Business Information Officer, New York Life Insurance Company
In this session, David Castellani, SVP and Business Information Officer for New York Life will highlight many of the current trends and technologies that will make us rethink not only how customers want to be served but how we can lead our teams through the disruptive demands of Modernization.

Closing Remarks

  • Host
    Rashmi Airan, Keynote Speaker & Consultant, Rashmi Airan Consulting

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