Premier set the stage for a highly informative and collaborative event for like minded Business and Technology leaders. I found it to be just the right blend of information sharing, with notable speakers, and networking opportunities with fellow colleagues. The event was also held at a nice venue with good food, service and parking. Well done.

Greg Serian, Senior Business Technology Leader

Great opportunity to learn and network with your colleagues and partners. NJ CIO Forum by Premier Connects keeps delivering on its promise.

Milos Topic, VP & CIO - Saint Peter's University


CIO Forum

Check-In & Peer-to-Peer Networking Breakfast

Welcome & Introductions

Opening Keynote Humanizing the C-Suite

  • Facilitator
    Christine Miles, Founder & CEO, EQuipt, LLC
  • Interviewee
    Lily Benjamin, SVP, Leadership Development & Org Design, Global Talent & Organization Development Executive
  • Interviewee
    Sita Kapoor, CIO, HealthEC
At the Forum, people are at the center of all business. With constant digital bombardment and disruption its becoming even more complex to truly connect and communicate effectively especially in sales and at events.

Have you ever wondered how you could become more relatable? Christine Miles, with Executive Leaders Radio and Premier Connects is breaking out from the traditional conference event model to ensure quality networking by bringing a select few CIOs into the limelight to discover the secret of how to make connections that change conversations and drive business success.

Through a unique story gathering process Christine discovers who executives really are and what drove their success. It helps people understand that executives are real, human, relatable, role models and people.”

Networking Break

General Session General Session What Got Me There Couldn’t Get Me Here: The Journey to the C-Suite

What is the secret sauce that differentiates leaders in disruptive times? In this rare (and vulnerable) fireside-chat you will learn how a career journey of constant self-analysis, intense situational awareness and pushing through the discomfort zone can help you push yourself through your next “glass ceiling”.

General Session Tech Titans: Secrets from the World’s Most Successful CTOs and CIOs

Get excited! In this engaging panel we’ll rip back the curtain and bring clarity to topics like digital transformation. Answer big questions like “What is leadership?” Break down how the greatest leaders spend their time and Gain the tools you and your team need to become more valuable professionally.

General Session The Listening Breakthrough: The 6 Most Powerful Questions You Need to Know to Uncover the Real Story

Leaders universally agree that Listening is one of the most, if not the most important skill, needed for workplace success. Yet most people don’t know HOW to listen effectively. Statistically, listening is a communication skill we use 40% of the time in the workplace, and we are given 0 years of training in school to build this skill. For the 2% of people who have sought listening training, it is often not truly effective because training focuses on WHAT to do versus HOW to do it.

The inability to Listen and get the real story leads to delivering technology solutions that the business asks for, rather uncovering the true need. This misalignment is a costly endeavor, as Technology Leaders agree that the cost to rearchitect, is typically more costly than the original implementation. Additionally, IT professionals are known for solving problems by chasing information, rather than uncovering what is below the surface and not articulated by the key stakeholder.

This session will enable you with the 6 most powerful questions you need to know to get the real story and uncover the true business need.

Networking Break

Lunch Table Talk Roundtables

This time is carved out to discuss issues your organization faces with your peers during our lunch session. This is a great opportunity to network and learn from others in your industry.

General Session Maximizing Business Impact

Technology is no longer the exclusive domain of the IT department – it has permeated every part of the organization and is embedded in virtually every process we execute on a daily basis. This means the role of the CIO has bifurcated – on the one hand, we need to ensure utility grade delivery of core technology services in the most cost effective way possible; on the other, we need to be leaders in digital transformation.

Key challenges underlying this dual role include:
-How do we manage stakeholder satisfaction?
-How do we use data to prioritize investment decisions?
-How do we effectively leverage vendors and partners?
-How should a CIO spend their time?

Info-Tech will share results from surveys conducted with our membership over the past six years and look at specific strategies being employed by best-in-class IT leaders to help set a framework for success.

Networking Break

General Session Evolution of the CIOs Role

There has never been a more exciting time to be a CIO, according to Dean Del Vecchio, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer and Chief of Operations for Guardian. In our post-digital era where enterprise transformation is never complete, the role of CIO has evolved far beyond a narrow focus on technology to driving innovation and shaping strategy across all facets of the business. Del Vecchio says today CIOs have a unique opportunity—and responsibility—to anticipate what comes next and determine how to leverage it for business value.

General Session Creating an Innovative Culture: Tales from the Trenches

  • Moderator
    Brian Watson, VP, Enterprise Innovation at Traction Technology Partners, Co-Author, Confessions of a Successful CIO
  • Panelist
    Jack Keck, Americas CTO, Platforms, Barclays
Let's be honest: As much as we have big aspirations for innovation and the breakthroughs IT can deliver, we still face massive challenges. One financial setback or change in leadership can upend even the most carefully planned initiatives. But the best leaders know how to overcome these hurdles and keep their organizations focused on the big, potentially game-changing initiatives.

In this session, Jack Keck of Barclays will speak with emerging tech advisor and author Brian Watson about their key priorities--and the sometimes harsh realities--of driving not only IT-led innovation initiatives, but the bigger picture of creating a truly holistic culture of innovation at their companies.

Closing Keynote Unlocking Data's Strategic Value

  • Presenter
    Nestor Lopez, CIO, ProSight Specialty Insurance
  • Presenter
    Steven Norton, Co-Head, Executive Networks, Research and Media, Metis Strategy
An abundance of data and advances in computing have created unprecedented opportunities for firms to deliver value from data. But turning that data into actionable insight is far from straightforward, requiring CIOs to rethink their relationships with third party data providers, internal business partners, and the C-suite. In this conversation, ProSight CIO Nestor Lopez discusses how the specialty insurer is making data a strategic asset across the company, and shares lessons for CIOs looking to do the same.

Wrap Up Key Lessons from the Day: To Teach is to Learn

In this closing session, you, the participants become the teacher. During this facilitated discussion, we will focus on uncovering what was most impactful from the day, sharing stories and insights, and how you can apply your learning to your business.

Executive Exchange

After such an invigorating day of problem solving, connections and non-stop content, let’s “wine” down with some beverages. This is your chance to exchange ideas and really get to know those you briefly met or haven’t had the chance to!

Join us in the networking pavilion for the reception you have stayed all day for.

Admittance by Conference Badge Only.

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