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Attendees across the region have come to expect a dynamic agenda with relevant, up-to-the-minute topics and exciting speakers who will share their wealth of knowledge and experience, helping you gain practical insights into your business challenges. The New Jersey CIO Forum includes powerful keynotes, informative breakouts, discussions with subject-matter experts, and cutting-edge solution providers.

27 Advisors

Our advisory council members offer valuable feedback to improve our event each year.

6 Sponsors

Premier would like to extend a special thank you to the 2019 sponsors of this event.

76 Organizations

These organizations have appointed one or more senior level executives to attend the New Jersey CIO Forum.


Speakers are hand-selected by our Advisory Council for their expertise and ability to translate big ideas into stunning presentations.

  •  Lily Benjamin

    Lily Benjamin

    Global Talent & Organization Development Executive

    SVP, Leadership Development & Org Design

  •  Scott Blandford

    Scott Blandford


    EVP, Chief Digital Officer & CIO

  •  Dean Del Vecchio

    Dean Del Vecchio

    Guardian Life

    EVP, CIO & Chief of Operations

  •  James Alexander

    James Alexander

    Info-Tech Research Group


  •  Joel Beasley

    Joel Beasley

    Author & Host, ModernCTO

    President, Beasley Foundation

  •  Sita Kapoor

    Sita Kapoor



  •  Jack Keck

    Jack Keck


    Americas CTO, Platforms

  •  Christine Miles

    Christine Miles

    EQuipt, LLC

    Founder & CEO

  •  Steven Norton

    Steven Norton

    Metis Strategy

    Co-Head, Executive Networks, Research and Media

  •  Dan Roberts

    Dan Roberts

    Ouellette & Associates


  •  Kevin Roche

    Kevin Roche



  •  Brian Watson

    Brian Watson

    Co-Author, Confessions of a Successful CIO

    VP, Enterprise Innovation at Traction Technology Partners


October 22, 2019

We have worked diligently to put together a stimulating and focused agenda, bringing together experts, visionaries and professionals from the IT industry. We look forward to sharing this exciting conference with you.

Event Emcee
Christine Miles, Founder & CEO, EQuipt, LLC

Christine Miles, Founder & CEO, EQuipt, LLC

Lily Benjamin, SVP, Leadership Development & Org Design, Global Talent & Organization Development Executive

Sita Kapoor, CIO, HealthEC

At the Forum, people are at the center of all business. With constant digital bombardment and disruption its becoming even more complex to truly connect and communicate effectively especially in sales and at events.

Have you ever wondered how you could become more relatable? Christine Miles, with Executive Leaders Radio and Premier Connects is breaking out from the traditional conference event model to ensure quality networking by bringing a select few CIOs into the limelight to discover the secret of how to make connections that change conversations and drive business success.

Through a unique story gathering process Christine discovers who executives really are and what drove their success. It helps people understand that executives are real, human, relatable, role models and people.”

Dan Roberts, CEO, Ouellette & Associates

Scott Blandford, EVP, Chief Digital Officer & CIO, TIAA

What is the secret sauce that differentiates leaders in disruptive times? In this rare (and vulnerable) fireside-chat you will learn how a career journey of constant self-analysis, intense situational awareness and pushing through the discomfort zone can help you push yourself through your next “glass ceiling”. 

Joel Beasley, President, Beasley Foundation, Author & Host, ModernCTO

Kevin Roche, CTO, Wellthy

Christine Miles, Founder & CEO, EQuipt, LLC

Leaders universally agree that Listening is one of the most, if not the most important skill, needed for workplace success.  Yet most people don’t know HOW to listen effectively.  Statistically, listening is a communication skill we use 40% of the time in the workplace, and we are given 0 years of training in school to build this skill.  For the 2% of people who have sought listening training, it is often not truly effective because training focuses on WHAT to do versus HOW to do it.

The inability to Listen and get the real story leads to delivering technology solutions that the business asks for, rather uncovering the true need.  This misalignment is a costly endeavor, as Technology Leaders agree that the cost to rearchitect, is typically more costly than the original implementation.  Additionally, IT professionals are known for solving problems by chasing information, rather than uncovering what is below the surface and not articulated by the key stakeholder. 

This session will enable you with the 6 most powerful questions you need to know to get the real story and uncover the true business need.
This time is carved out to discuss issues your organization faces with your peers during our lunch session.  This is a great opportunity to network and learn from others in your industry.

James Alexander, SVP, Info-Tech Research Group

Dean Del Vecchio, EVP, CIO & Chief of Operations, Guardian Life

Brian Watson, VP, Enterprise Innovation at Traction Technology Partners, Co-Author, Confessions of a Successful CIO

Jack Keck, Americas CTO, Platforms, Barclays

Let's be honest: As much as we have big aspirations for innovation and the breakthroughs IT can deliver, we still face massive challenges. One financial setback or change in leadership can upend even the most carefully planned initiatives. But the best leaders know how to overcome these hurdles and keep their organizations focused on the big, potentially game-changing initiatives. 

In this session, Jack Keck of Barclays will speak with emerging tech advisor and author Brian Watson about their key priorities--and the sometimes harsh realities--of driving not only IT-led innovation initiatives, but the bigger picture of creating a truly holistic culture of innovation at their companies. 

Christine Miles, Founder & CEO, EQuipt, LLC

In this closing session, you, the participants become the teacher.  During this facilitated discussion, we will focus on uncovering what was most impactful from the day, sharing stories and insights, and how you can apply your learning to your business. 
After such an invigorating day of problem solving, connections and non-stop content, let’s “wine” down with some beverages. This is your chance to exchange ideas and really get to know those you briefly met or haven’t had the chance to! 

Join us in the networking pavilion for the reception you have stayed all day for. 

Admittance by Conference Badge Only.

The Newark Museum

*Free Parking for Attendees of the Forum*


49 Washington Street, Newark, NJ 07102

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Advisory Council

  •  Christopher Andrews

    Christopher Andrews

    Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide


  •  Judy Balaban

    Judy Balaban

    Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

    Global IT Leader

  •  Mark Barash

    Mark Barash

    Mondelez International Inc

    Global IS Portfolio Lead, ISC

  •  Gennadiy  Barskiy

    Gennadiy Barskiy

    Fisk Alloy

    Head of IT

  •  Edward Beesley

    Edward Beesley

    Churchill & Harriman (C&H), Inc.


  •  Christopher Browne

    Christopher Browne

    J. Knipper & Company, Inc.

    Associate Director, Professional Services

  •  Jessica Carroll

    Jessica Carroll

    TenFour IT

    VP Customer Success & Lifecycle

  •  Richard Cigna

    Richard Cigna

    Mitchell Martin Inc.

    VP Business Devolpment

  •  William Compton

    William Compton

    Integra LifeSciences

    SVP & CIO

  •  Craig Cuyar

    Craig Cuyar

    Omnicom Group

    SVP & Global CIO

  •  John Erickson

    John Erickson

    Delta Dental of New Jersey & Connecticut

    AVP Technical Services

  •  Lookman Fazal

    Lookman Fazal

    NJ Transit

    Chief Information & Digital Officer

  •  Joe Fisher

    Joe Fisher

    Affinity IT Security


  •  Risa Fogel

    Risa Fogel


    Head Strategy, Enterprise Architecture & Workplace

  •  Jon Harding

    Jon Harding

    Conair Corporation

    Global CIO

  •  Chris Hoover

    Chris Hoover

    Innovative Technology Solutions, LLC

    Managing Partner

  •  Tariq Jamal

    Tariq Jamal


    Regional CIO

  •  Frank Kovacs

    Frank Kovacs

    Sutherland Global Services

    Global Head Technology & EPMO

  •  Dave Manhas

    Dave Manhas


    Head of IT

  •  George  McKevitt Ph.D.

    George McKevitt Ph.D.

    Acupay System LLC


  •  Eric Rosenberg

    Eric Rosenberg

    William Paterson University


  •  JP Saini

    JP Saini

    TRC Companies, Inc.


  •  Peter Sattler

    Peter Sattler

    John Wiley & Sons

    Former SVP & CIO

  •  Kevin Schwesinger

    Kevin Schwesinger

    PRI Technology

    Managing Partner

  •  Allen Spokane

    Allen Spokane

    Carisk Partners (formerly Concordia Care, Inc.)


  •  Val Thomas

    Val Thomas

    Lincoln Educational Services

    SVP & CIO

  •  Frank Wander

    Frank Wander

    CEO & Founder


Join us this year in Newark, NJ as we discuss cutting-edge technologies with influential thought-leaders.


Premier would like to extend a special thank you to the 2019 sponsors of this event.


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