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This intimate and trusted atmosphere offers the opportunity to discuss obstacles and topics that are most important to you in your current position as an IT Leader. This setting allows IT Leaders to establish and build trust with one another while solving problems and creating solutions to take away and executive at work. The content is protected and raw to where IT Leaders can delve into any topic.

22 Advisors

Our advisory council members offer valuable feedback to improve our event each year.

1 Sponsors

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These organizations have appointed one or more senior level executives to attend the Portland CIO Roundtable.


  •  Christine Miles

    Christine Miles

    EQuipt, LLC

    Founder & CEO


December 4, 2019

We believe in learning HOW to “show up” authentically and genuinely, and really listening, are essential skills to be a successful leader. Based on 3 years of research on Neuroscience and Behavioral Economics, combined with Christine’s three decades of being in the business of psychology, we’ve discovered a breakthrough to develop these essential skills.

We will give you the tools to authentically tell your story, and listen to gather the real story with colleagues, internal customers and employees to improve teaming, promote a culture of Empathy and EQ to reduce implementation and fixing costs.

In this workshop you will discover a breakthrough to developing your ability to understand, empathize, find insight and ultimately develop your EQ to accelerate performance. Our partner, EQuipt, takes a highly interactive and experiential approach. The only way to change behavior is to practice using the tools and new skills both in the workshop and in the workplace milieu post. Accordingly, we will be following the surgical model of training…TELL, SHOW, DO, APPLY.

Christine Miles, Founder & CEO, EQuipt, LLC

Humanizing Business
  • Building your story
  • Learn how to gather a story
Your people are your company. What differentiates the top 20% of performers is their Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Discover a breakthrough to apply the soft skills to deliver real business results.

Kuni Lexus Club at Moda Center

Moda Center, formerly known as the Rose Garden, is the primary indoor sports arena in Portland, Oregon, United States. It is suitable for large indoor events of all sorts, including basketball, ice hockey, rodeos, circuses, conventions, ice shows, concerts, and dramatic productions.


One Center Court, Portland, OR 97227
(503) 235-8771

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Advisory Council

  •  Grisha Alpernas

    Grisha Alpernas


    IS Operations & Productions Mgr.

  •  Richard Appleyard Ph.D.

    Richard Appleyard Ph.D.

    Oregon Secretary of State

    Deputy CIO

  •  David Cummings

    David Cummings

    Clackamas County


  •  Mike Eom Ph.D.

    Mike Eom Ph.D.

    University of Portland

    Professor of IS & OTM

  •  Mark Farley

    Mark Farley

    Thermo Fisher Scientific

    VP Information Technology

  •  Brenda Gibson

    Brenda Gibson

    Multnomah University

    Director IT

  •  Andy Hedberg

    Andy Hedberg

    The Walsh Group

    Director IT & Risk Management

  •  Don Hornschuch

    Don Hornschuch

    Qorvo, Inc.

    Sr. IT Manager

  •  Pradeep Kumar

    Pradeep Kumar

    Kaiser Permanente

    Practice Leader, Infrastructure Mgmt. Group

  •  Bob Leek

    Bob Leek

    Multnomah County

    Deputy CIO

  •  Travis Luckey

    Travis Luckey

    Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)


  •  Jeff Maurer

    Jeff Maurer

    Planar Systems, Inc.


  •  Kara McFall

    Kara McFall

    University of Oregon

    Director, Applied Information Mgmt Program

  •  Curt Pederson

    Curt Pederson

    University of Portland


  •  Elisabeth Richard

    Elisabeth Richard

    The Greenbrier Companies

    VP & CIO

  •  Josh Ricker

    Josh Ricker

    TEC Equipment


  •  Martin Ringle

    Martin Ringle

    Reed College


  •  Tyson O. Smith

    Tyson O. Smith

    Beneficial State Bank

    SVP & CTO

  •  Cara Snow

    Cara Snow

    Technology Association of Oregon

    Chief Community Engagement Officer

  •  Terri Thoresen

    Terri Thoresen


    VP of IT

  •  Scott White

    Scott White

    Bridgewell Resources

    Director IT

  •  Paul Wogan

    Paul Wogan

    Willamette Supply Chain Consultancy, Inc

    Virtual CIO


Join us this year in Portland, OR as we discuss cutting-edge technologies with influential thought-leaders.


We are offering only four companies to sponsor in this intimate gathering. Be one of the four now by contacting Nina Di Francisco at (503) 821-7318.


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