A highly engaging and informative virtual CIO forum that was facilitated well, and invaluable insights shared from industry peers, well done.

Kevin Wilkins, CIO - City of Fort Collins

When it comes to hosting events whether they be in person or virtual Premier Connects is best in class. The events are well organized, well moderated and contains relevant topics with impressive speakers.

George Reichert, CIO - Genworth Financial

The quality of speakers and content is excellent. Worth blocking time to attend. Look forward to future events.

Joel Munch, Contract CIO - Colorado Hospital Association

Somehow Premier Connects is able to make any event feel welcoming and intimate, whether the venue is a prestigious country club, a university auditorium, or a Zoom meeting, I always feel comfortably connected with my peers.

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We have worked diligently to put together a stimulating and focused agenda, bringing together experts, visionaries and professionals from the IT industry. We look forward to sharing this exciting conference with you.

Agenda | Getting back to business, not back to normal

9am - 12pm EST

Welcome & Introductions Embracing Uncertainty to Thrive: Leading Growth Through Any Market Condition

  • Host
    Dr. Rebecca Homkes, High-Growth Strategy Specialist, Educator & Previous Fellow, London Business School, Duke Corporate Education & London School of Economics’ Centre for Economic Performance
Talk of unprecedented uncertainty, the new normal of ambiguity, and the unknown surround our leadership dialogue, but the hyper chatter around current industry and market conditions consistently misses the fundamental notion of uncertainty: whether it is good or bad depends on what you are trying to do, and how you are set up. Dr. Homkes will kick off our focused set of conversations by encouraging us to do just this: embrace uncertainty, prepare for the future rather than constantly planning for the downside, and build organizational and leadership capabilities around the constant resets uncertainty forces us to make. She will walk us through her proven approach to grow through any market condition and equip us with a powerful toolkit to leading our companies and teams on the journey.

Opening Keynote Embracing Ambiguity: The Path to Success

As business leaders and more importantly, transformation makers, your attention is spent on driving the company forward in any market condition. At the end of 2021, we asked our community of IT change-makers, to provide insight into what is weighing heavy on your shoulders as we approached a new year. We learned that at the very top of your list, digital strategy and the technology you implement is crucial. Now, we’re going to dig deeper with a panel of your peers and learn how they are navigating this great unknown. We’ll discuss the topics below (and many more) together in an open discussion. Bring questions and insights to challenge our panelists and keep the conversation interactive.

In this session we’ll tackle:
-Preparation for the future and leading your business through tough and unknown (and ever-changing) market conditions
-Maintaining a strong culture and ways in which each of us are navigating infusing a human approach into our leadership
-Specific technology and strategies that are creating opportunities for innovation and growth

General Session The Upgrade Your PCs and Macs Have Been Waiting For

  • Presenter
    Daniel Busse, Customer Engineer, Google Chrome Enterprise
Businesses need a solution that delivers a fast, modern work experience with simple deployment and effective, proactive security. Unfortunately, to upgrade existing hardware investments, you would normally need to rip and replace devices to experience this. In this presentation, you’ll see how Chrome OS Flex is enabling businesses to modernize their PC and Mac investments in a sustainable way. Chrome OS Flex is the cloud-first, easy-to-manage, fast, and secure operating system. It’s easy to deploy across your fleet and simple to try it to see what a cloud-first OS has to offer.

General Session

General Session Public Cloud Adoption as Cybersecurity Risk Reduction

Providing competent and capability driven cybersecurity protection to the modern day enterprise has become increasingly difficult, if not impossible by today’s protection standards. Adopting a prominent public cloud posture can be a force multiplier for any security apparatus, if designed and architected properly. Join a discussion of this premise among some of the industries highest profile technology leaders. If the enterprise profile of the future is one composed largely of optimized hybrid environments, organizations need to weigh both value and the potential for risk reduction as they build roadmaps for the future.

Closing Remarks

  • Host
    Dr. Rebecca Homkes, High-Growth Strategy Specialist, Educator & Previous Fellow, London Business School, Duke Corporate Education & London School of Economics’ Centre for Economic Performance


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