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Opening Keynote Enabling the Remote Workforce

The Coronavirus pandemic has created urgency for many organizations to shift most levels of workers to virtual workers. In order to keep organizations functional during the rapid change, technology leaders were forced to deploy solutions that allow virtual workers to be productive and secure.

Join your CIO community as they discuss:
· How they enabled this rapid change and how they are supporting their virtual workers
· How they overcame traditional security barriers
· The ways they are still learning and adapting to this new way of working

General Session The future of health after COVID-19

  • Neil Gomes, CDO & EVP for Technology Innovation and Consumer Experience, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health System
As we emerge out of this unprecedented time, we cannot expect things to go back to the way they were - especially not in healthcare. Our rapid developments in digital health to address the needs spawned by the COVID-19 crisis have set the stage for a new era of digital health as patient expectations change and healthcare organizations become more aware of and open to digital transformation. But how do we prepare ourselves for this change and what do we do now to be able to meet the challenge from our leadership, staff, patients, and communities? In this session, Neil Gomes, Chief Digital Officer and EVP for Technology Innovation and Consumer Experience at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, shares his vision for the future of health post-COVID-19 with a backdrop of the work already done by his teams and others around the world.


General Session Humanizing Your Company Through Empathy, Resiliency, and Optimism

  • Tariq Islam, Manager, Google Cloud Customer Engineers, US-East, Google
There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting life as we once knew it. Now more than ever, individuals are seeking comfort in what is arguably the most unsettling crisis of the past decade. Regardless of your company’s size, scope, mission, or culture, there’s an opportunity for each of us to play a role in being of service to those around us, be they our family members, colleagues, or community members. When optimism is balanced with realism, and vulnerability is balanced with a steady hand, we can each make a difference. In this session, I’ll share how I’ve witnessed individuals making a difference at an organization that operates on the global stage.

General Session How to go from surviving to thriving?

-The CIO role and technology role is drastically changing in this new environment, how to pivot to support the
businesses mobile work force.
-How can you move resources around to support business needs short-term and long term?
-Do you have a red and blue team concept? If not, now is the time.
-You can sleep better if your networks are secure.
-Tips and tricks to keep your workforce engaged.

General Session

  • Sabina Ewing, CIO, Upjohn, A Pfizer Division

  • Brian Watson, Partner, Traction Technology & Author, Confessions of a Successful CIO

Closing Remarks


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This event is a virtual event, Philadelphia, PA 5-12-2020