Premier Connects Virtual CIO Roundtable was an excellent opportunity to share and learn from the experience of others.

Karen Swift, CIO - Marshall Dennehey

The quality of speakers and content is excellent. Worth blocking time to attend. Look forward to future events.

Joel Munch, Contract CIO - Colorado Hospital Association

Exceeded my expectations for a virtual CIO forum, well planned and executed with no disruptions. Topics and speakers were very enriching, virtually engaging and thought provoking. Talk Shifts tips were practical yet profound, this alone was a true gift to take away from the event

Kevin Wilkins, CIO - City of Fort Collins

What a terrific job you all did! I honestly enjoyed this more than the in-person events. The organization of the event was terrific, speakers and topics were well selected, and I appreciated lunch. Thank you.

Kara McFall - University of Oregon


9am - 12pm PST

Welcome & Introductions Don’t Risk It – Learn to Be Ethically Vigilant

  • Host
    Rashmi Airan, Keynote Speaker and Consultant, Rashmi Airan Consulting
One oversight, one moment of turning your head the other way is all it takes to alter the course of your entire career. That’s the lesson Rashmi Airan learned after approving creative transactions during her time as a real estate lawyer. After serving time in prison for bank fraud, Rashmi speaks about the importance of being ethically vigilant. She instills vital critical decision-making tools and behavioral ethics through her story. Rashmi will examine positive psychology tools to help others learn to rise up when they themselves are brought down to their knees.

Join Rashmi to learn how to:
-Create a culture of courageous conversations and vulnerability
-Identify slippery slopes that can lead down an unethical path
-Be ethically vigilant in and out of the workplace.
-Set a mindset for becoming an Overcomer.

Opening Keynote A Closer Look at One of 2021s Most Innovative CIOs

Globally and across a range of industries, 2020 took existing patterns of activity for CIOs and sped them up radically and unexpectedly. Some organizations were more prepared than others. However, a select few overachieving teams solved these challenges in remarkably creative ways. In this session, we will dig deeper on strategies that allow for companies to not only survive, but thrive. In addition, we will explore companies who ‘broke the mold’ in 2020 and the strategies they plan to adopt as they take on 2021.

General Session The Way Forward

  • Presenter
    Spencer Levy, Global Chief Client Officer & Sr Economics Advisor, CBRE
The pandemic has completely disrupted how we live, work and play. Join an expert from CBRE discuss their thoughts on The Way Forward for the economy and commercial real estate, especially as conditions evolve due to a new U.S. administration and the vaccine.

General Session Changing the Landscape of Leadership: The Rise of Female Technology Leaders

Women are working and leading the best organizations. As women in technology leadership roles continue to evolve, women are more committed than ever to exemplify their passion, strength and dedication to help innovate in the age of digital transformation. Driving innovation and growth starts with a powerful culture of equality. In this session, we’ll hear from highly successful women on steps they’ve taken to continue moving the needle.

General Session The Gen Z Story

Gen Z is about to surpass its Millennial colleagues and these two generations couldn’t be more different. Their priorities, needs and values are not like the traditional workforce. So it’s time you prepare yourself, your team and your organization to welcome and understand them. In this inspiring, entertaining and informative session, Josh Miller will offer an authentic glimpse into the Gen Z workforce. He will share what defines Gen Z, what makes their lived experience unique and how the environment in which they have grown up will shape them forever.

Josh’s presentation includes the perspectives of all generations and aims to foster learning and growth, rather than stereotypes.

General Session Challenge the Rules of Security: Transform the Threat Surface to Proactive Control

  • Presenter
    Robert DeVito, Global Director, Customer & Partner Sales Engineering, Google Chrome
With the dramatic increase in distributed workforces and the growing adoption of cloud applications, companies face unprecedented levels of IP, data, and identity sprawl beyond the enterprise firewall. Every endpoint is an entry into your business, cybercriminals have more ways to break in than ever before, and human error on the inside is a constant risk. Historically, endpoint security has been a zero-sum game—with the odds inevitably stacked against IT. But rather than protect devices, what if you could just control the security of them?

In this presentation, see how Chrome OS and Chrome Browser are secure by design—embedding security into every workflow to provide proactive protection for users, devices, applications, and data, wherever work happens. This is cloud-first security control in the hands of the modern businesses that will thrive moving forward.

Closing Remarks

  • Host
    Rashmi Airan, Keynote Speaker and Consultant, Rashmi Airan Consulting

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