Premier Connects Virtual CIO Roundtable was an excellent opportunity to share and learn from the experience of others.

Karen Swift, CIO - Marshall Dennehey

This CIO event has provided a great forum with which we can exchange ideas and discuss business challenges with peers, but also to hear solutions to opportunities you have yet to face.

John Janthor, VP IT - Radwell International

This was an awesome session that fed greatness into women leaders. This forum gave us an opportunity to connects with each other.

Patrice Walker, Director - North Carolina Central University

These seminars are always uplifting, inspiring and informative. I always look forward to them.

Juliette Mount, PMO Manager - MedAcuity


We have worked diligently to put together a stimulating and focused agenda, bringing together experts, visionaries and professionals from the IT industry. We look forward to sharing this exciting conference with you.


11am – 3pm EST

Welcome & Introductions

  • Host
    Dr. Rebecca Homkes, Lecturer, Director, London Business School, Strategic Management Centre

Opening Keynote The Unrelenting: Champions of sport. Champions for change.

  • Moderator
    Dr. Rebecca Homkes, Lecturer, Director, London Business School, Strategic Management Centre
  • Panelist
    Dr. Jen Welter, Madden & NFL’s First Female Coach | First Female Running Back in Men’s Pro Football | Motion & Emotion Pioneer, Author, Speaker & GrrridIron Girls Founder
  • Panelist
    Rachel Balkovec, Minor League Hitting Coach, New York Yankees
  • Panelist
    Brandi Chastain, Retired American Women’s Soccer Player | Two-Time FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion | Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Coach & Sports Broadcaster
Join us for a candid conversation with this panel of women who are no stranger to shattering glass ceilings and making history in professional sports. We’ll get to hear firsthand stories of paths to success and the struggles they faced along the way. We will also learn how they maintain a sense of power, respect and authority in a male-dominated industry and the role they play in raising the next generation of strong women.

General Session Build a Brand Beyond Your Title

  • Presenter
    Monique Bryan, Executive Producer of Personal Brands, Monique Bryan Worldwide Inc.
“It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you” will become your mantra as you build your personal brand and your influence. Think about the last time you hired someone for something really important, what drove your decision? Nine times out of ten it was a referral, their reputation or how they looked online.

Today, it is not enough to be an expert at what you do. It’s your job as the leader and visionary of your life to learn how to be heard and seen amongst the noisy oversaturated online arena so you’re seen as the go-to authority in your space.

In this interactive 45-minute session you will learn:
·The key elements of your Personal Brand
·How to start establishing your Brand Voice with confidence
·How to get your “Digital Houzz’ in order so you are always putting your best-polished foot forward
·How to talk about your accomplishments online without feeling “braggy”
·The steps you need to know to build a powerful Personal Brand today

Breakout Session Women’s Mental Health at Work: How not saying ‘no’ is costing you.

  • Presenter
    Roxanne Francis, Psychotherapist & Registered Social Worker, Francis Psychotherapy
So you want to climb the corporate ladder… What does that mean for you? You say ‘yes’ to all the meetings, working late, taking the meeting minutes, organizing the holiday party, even though you have personal responsibilities.
Your stress level is screaming at you, but if you say ‘no’ it you could hurt your career.

Let’s think about what could suffer even more if you don’t say ‘no’. What would your mental health and the rest of your life look like if you said ‘yes’ to yourself?

In this session you will learn
·How always saying ‘yes’ impacts your mental health
·Why women have a hard time saying ‘no’
·How saying ‘no’ can improve your mental health
·Different ways of saying ‘no’

Breakout Session How to Beat Gender Inequality by Becoming a Better Ally

  • Moderator
    Samantha Mah, Customer Advocate Director, Office of the CIO, ServiceNow
  • Panelist
    Kelly Kent, Chief Transformation Officer, ServiceNow
Chances are, you’ve seen the stats. 60% of women say they’ve never negotiated their salary. Men will apply for a job for which they’re only 60% qualified, while women have to feel like they meet every qualification before they’ll throw their hat in the ring. Overwhelmingly as women, we find it hard to raise our hand.

For Kelly Kent, Chief Transformation Officer at ServiceNow, she realized she needed to let her leaders know her goals if she wanted to progress in her career. In doing so, she chose to challenge the barriers that hold women back - an action that also kept her accountable for what she wanted to achieve.

Through her own experiences, Kelly found three simple actions everyone can use to be an ally in calling out gender bias and inequality and to create a culture of inclusion with intentional, positive, and conscious efforts that will benefit all women in the workplace:

- Normalize parenthood
- Listen, learn and act
- Practice a growth mindset

Join Kelly as she explores these actions and shares her thoughts on what leaders can do to accelerate progress towards gender equality, and what everyone can do to become a better ally.

Breakout Session Get in the Mood for Money Talk

Women are taking charge of their financial futures by increasing their knowledge of spending and saving habits, preparing themselves for whatever challenge comes their way.

Let’s Get in the Mood! Join Jenne Sevilla, Founder, CEO & Certified Financial Planner to:
·Explore Your Dominant Money Mood
·Develop Strategies for Facing Financial Hurdles
·Grow Your Money Skills & Confidence

It’s time to get forward-focused with your financial future.

General Session Brag Like a Boss: Making Self Advocacy a Habit

  • Presenter
    Lilah Jones, Head of Corp Sales North Central US, Google

General Session Power of the Pack: The Rise of Female Technology Leaders

Women are working and leading the best organizations. As women in technology leadership roles continue to evolve, women are more committed than ever to exemplify their passion, strength, and dedication to help innovate. Driving innovation and growth starts with a powerful culture of support and equity. In this session, we’ll hear from successful people in technology on steps they’ve taken to move the needle and who helped them pave their way.

Breakout Session Managing the Non-Renewable Resource: How to “Find the Time” in a World of Hustle

  • Presenter
    Erin Taylor, Owner, Lunimae Strategy & Systems Design
When work and your personal life are clamoring for your attention, how do you find the time to manage both? In this world of hustle, it can be frustrating to never seem to have the time. For yourself, for your family, and for your career.

"Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion". Productivity tips alone won’t solve the problem. By taking ownership of your time using a layered approach, you’ll find the space you need for what’s important.

In this interactive session you will learn:
· Why the myth of “balance” is holding you back
· The four pillars of “Flow”
· How to build the layers in your life
· The steps you need to keep in motion

Breakout Session Identifying Your Key Strengths and Natural Talents to Launch into the Next Phase of Your Career

  • Presenter
    Melanie Abrahams, Career Coach | HR Leader | Talent Development Specialist, Medcan
Are you wondering what’s next for you? Maybe you know what you want to be next but you’re not sure how to get there.

One of the key things essential to your next move is knowing how to leverage your key strengths and natural talents.

In this session we will cover:
·How to identify your strengths and natural talents
·How to use them to create your unique brand
·How to build a simple plan that will keep you on track

Closing Keynote F.L.A.U.N.T. Your CIO Muscles- 6 Superpowers of the Female CIOs

There's always an assumption that working in Tech must mean you're boring and timid, especially if you're a woman. Nothing could be further from the truth. Women in Tech are diverse, vibrant, and multifaceted. This talk shows you how to F.L.A.U.N.T. your CIO Muscles by embracing these 6 superpowers of the Female CIOs.

Closing Remarks

  • Host
    Dr. Rebecca Homkes, Lecturer, Director, London Business School, Strategic Management Centre

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