Executive Experiences

Allow Premier to connect you with the key executives in each region your company has a presence or is evaluating as a market for growth.

Executive experiences can be linked with an upcoming Premier Forum or Roundtable event or as a stand alone event.  Event cost is dependent on the level of experience.  Cost(s) can be shared by multiple partners with complimentary products or offerings.  Premier can help to align partners, however, our partners are welcome to create their own synergy by assisting in this process.  Premier will handle all aspects including attendee alignment and invitations, special touches and details, on-site logistics and coordination.

A Few of Premier's Executive Experiences:

Race Track Experience:  Full track buyout, laps around the track in a Dodge Hellcat assisted by a professional driver with MPH over 110 as well as private condo rental for networking and cocktails

Rock and Roll Experience:  Full venue buyout at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame including access to all exhibits, live entertainment, custom menus and company branding throughout

Porsche Racing Experience:  Full track buyout to host executives

Private Dinner Food Experience:  High-end dining reservations, custom menus and access to private dining venues.


Inquire with the Premier Team to coordinate your next custom executive experience.